Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 24.04.2010.


This is Fire Sakai who can't help but be bothered by the temperature changes.
Of course i'm continuing with the half-sleeves!!!! (Clarification owing to being fat.)

Switching topics, the recording by the guitar team ended well. (This is late news, isn't it--???)

We started Ruki's recording today.
Please don't have a physical breakdown because of the recent changes in temperature!!!!!!

An anecdote:
I was talking to Ruki and Reita in the break during recording yesterday:
Sakai - "Don't you want MAC's latest???"
Ruki and Reita - "Want it so much, isn't it---????"
Suddenly, Kai says:
Kai - "Eh??? Haven't you eaten it yet????"
Everybody - "Eh???"
Kai - "The New Teri Tama burger, right????"
Sakai - "No no, the PC!!!!"
Kai - "Ah!! That!!! What a big misunderstanding."

But it was just a mistake after all, wasn't it??
What is Mc Donalds called where all of you are???
McDo?? Mac?? Noland?? Which one is good, I wonder????

Uruha is coming to peer into my PC now.
Uruha - "Doing your job well??"
Sakai - "I'm writing my blog!!!"
Uruha tried to read what was written, so,
Sakai - "Uh----!! Please don't see it, I feel embarrassed."
Uruha - "I'll be able to see it anyway once you post the blog!!"
Sakai - "Ah!! You watch it???"
Uruha - "Of course!!!"

I'm much obliged to Uruha for reading my blog so well, so... Well^ I'll say it here.
"Lets run together again!!! I'll win this time!!!!" (I won't run suddenly, but I do feel like taking rounds of the aisles time and again.)

With that, Sakai's blog for the day comes to an end!!!
Bye bye!!

Ducky's Notes:
1. So what is Mc Donalds called where you are? We simply call it Mc D here :)
2. Teri Tama Burger - Teriyaki McBurger with egg, served during spring. Most probably, 'Teri' is from 'Teriyaki' and 'Tama' is from 'Tamago', meaning 'egg' in japanese. More here.


  1. Ah, they're finally recording the vocals. That's great!

    Thank you for translating! :)

  2. I guess their advertising and radio/TV appearances will start soon now:D YAY!!

    Thank you for commenting!

  3. Awww~ Kai is cute as always :3
    Thanks for your hard work!

  4. In Poland we call it 'Mac' xD
    Uruha and Sakai are so funny~~~
    And i'm glad too that they started to record Ruki's part. I can't wait to hear what they'll do finally!

    Here in igloo-land Canada, it's just McDonalds. A lot of people call it Mickey-D's though...I don't know. I don't eat Mcdonalds. ^^

    Thank you soo much for translating! I can't wait to hear the single~! [must save up money.]

    PS, nice layout! ♥

  6. Ahahahaha XDDD
    Kai is so cute 8////D general I would like to have a MAC, too Q_Q

    Mh..My people in Germany we call it either 'McDoof' or 'Mäcces' XD

    Thanks very much for translating!!!

  7. The same as yutaka-no-drums
    I'm from Germany ,too.
    It's McDoof (McStupid) and Mäcces. xD

    Thank you VERY much for translating!

  8. Hi, thank you for translating such a cute post!
    Can't wait for the new single

    ~My place also calls McD~

  9. @Anonymous:
    I chuckled at how 'food' was the first thing that occurred to Kai:D
    Thanks for your comment!

    Oh yeah, some people call it Mac here too. Some people even go the whole hog and say Mc Donalds. I'm too lazy for that though ;P
    Uruha and Sakai are too cute:D I can almost imagine Uruha standing at a weird angle(reminiscent of DIM recording)peering curiously into Sakai's computer:D Aww ♥
    Thanks for commenting!

    Mickey-D is so cute!! Never thought of that one:D
    I'm not too big a fan of Mc Donalds either. I just go there when i absolutely /require/ some unhealthy junk food:D
    Ahh i know i'm getting repetitive with this but i wish it was an Album, not just a Single!! I mean, come on guys! You can't be going to Tokyo Dome in December with just a Single release in the summer!! *flails*
    Anyway, something is better than nothing, i guess~
    Gee!! Thanks!! I like the dots too! I hope i don't get bored of this too fast. I'm so glad someone liked it too!!
    Thanks for your comment:D

    Kai is too cute:D
    And i'd love a MAC for moi too!!
    Mc Doof? That is adorable!!!! And how does one pronounce Macces? Is it like..Mak-es?
    Thanks for leaving a comment:)

    Mc Doof is too cute ♥ I think i'm going to start using that now:D Or Mc Doofus! /Even/ better XD
    Thank YOU for sharing and commenting :D

    McD, heh? It's kinda short and nice and convenient, isn't it? :D
    Sakai's posts are always so sweet and cute:D
    Thanks for leaving a comment!