Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 27.04.2010.



(Long time since I've made such a noisy start!!!!)

I had a meeting about costumes with Kai today.
Sakai - "Good Morning!!!"
Kai - "Morni---ng!! Oh!!! Your hunting-cap is cool!!"
Sakai - "Really!!"
Kai - "It suits you more than a cap!!!!"
Sakai - "Yay!!!!" (1)
Sakai - "But Aoi told me earlier that I look like somebody on [Chii Chinpo]." (2)
Kai - "That's not true!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "And before that, Suji said it looked like Ueshima from Dachou Club!!!" (3)
Kai - "That's so cruel."

Just how long will Kai be this kind-hearted!!!! I need to lose weight somehow or the other!!!

Yesterday, I received some authentic Korean banana juice from Mr. Yamada of the Hair and Make-Up section.
Mr. Yamada - "This is authentic. Please share it with all the members."
Sakai - "Oh!!! It's the much talked-of banana juice, isn't it!!!! I'll have it with everybody. Thank you so much."

So, although I left it to cool in the refrigerator, I gulped down quite a lot of it because it was so delicious, and
Oh My God!! Just one bottle left!!!
As I was in a state of:
Sakai - "Oh no oh no!!! What do I do???"
Aoi made an appearance!!!
Sakai - "Aoi, there's authentic Korean banana juice from Mr. Yamada."
Aoi - "Thank you!! This is too-- delecious!!! Won't all the members like it too???"
Sakai - "That's right!! But Mr. Yamada said, 'While returning with them, all the bottles, except one, burst in the aeroplane because of the air-pressure.'"
Aoi - "Is that so!! But I wanted everybody to drink this!!!"
Sakai - "Right."

Ah--------- I'm sorry, Mr. Yamada.

Have you made plans for the nearing Golden Week yet??? (4)

Ducky's Notes:
1. Sakai said "Kya!!!!" here. I have absolutely no idea how to put that correctly in english. It's just a very girly, fangirly sort of an expression.
2. Chii Chinpo (loosely translated, Short Stroll) is a show on Asahi TV, dealing with travellers' accounts, the weather and some TV-shopping.
3. Dachou Club (Ostrich Club) is a Japanese comedy trio, and Ueshima Ryuhei is one of them.
4. Golden Week is a week of public holidays starting from April 29th and ending on May 5th, in Japan.
5. Oh and....sneaky, sneaky Sakai :D


  1. won't the members read his blog later? xD
    Sakai is such a liar XDDD
    thank you so much for this <3

  2. Hehe XD
    He'll probably just disappear during the Golden Week till all of them cool down or something :D
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hahahaha~~ Thank you for translating.
    Really Sakai, the other members read his blog right?
    (Maybe it's his way of apologizing...hahaha~)

  4. I can only imagine how they'll react to this:D
    I hope Sakai'll tell us!
    Thank you for leaving a comment:)

  5. Aoi's lucky to have the last bottle, haha! Now we'll just have to see if Sakai gets bombed for drinking all of the banana juice. ^^;;

  6. Haha XD
    I'm actually curious now~ What's so special about Korean Banana juice??
    Let's see how the members punish him for his gluttony :D
    Thanks for leaving a comment!!

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