Friday, 2 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 02.04.2010.



Thank you for being a part of the onslaught at Osaka.

We were able to peacefully and successfully wrap up the tour THE END OF STILLNESS only with the help of all you people who attended those onslaughts, also the ones who couldn't attend this time but extended their 'power' to the Gazette and of course all the Staff.
My most sincere thanks to all of you.

Also, thanks to the members of the GazettE for having put in all their passion, courage and love.

Have all of you seen the Advertising Video or the HP yet??
The fireworks were expected, weren't they!!!!!!!
I've already watched it about 30 times and got goosebumps.

'Tremble with anticipation' already, even though the GazettE  will start recording only now!!
Let's get ready to go wild for the TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS July onwards!!!
Let's share the nameless liberty among ourselves!!!

Let's create legends with the GazettE this year too!!!!!!!!!!
You guys, lose yourselves to the magic of the GazettE!!!!!


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