Friday, 9 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 09.04.2010.



This is a little sudden, but

Do you know what this is????
I'm so attached to it, I ended up feeling like getting one.

So, an anecdote!!!!
Chat with Uruha:
Sakai - "Running these days??"
Uruha - "I want to run but being so busy (I haven't been able to) !!"
Sakai - "It's cold too, isn't it!!!"
Uruha - "Well one warms up if one runs, you know!!!"
Sakai - "I got a runny nose!!!"
Uruha - "You're really slow!!! So, have you been running recently??"
Sakai - "I'll leave that to your imagination."

My will is weak!!!!

On reading Aoi's blog,
I went "Aoi please get together and hold a meeting!!!!!"

Recently, I've been eating nothing but cup noodles!!! (I spoke a bit too much !!)
Lets enjoy drinking Sake again!!
Of course!! I'm asking all of you out for food!!!!

Although I had the pleasure to dine upon sushi a while back,
Sakai - "Today, I'll try to eat as much as Gal Sone!!"
Suji - "All the best!!!"
Sakai - "Kitayorigai, please!!!"
Boss - "Ahahahaha!!"
Sakai - "What are you laughing about---!!!"
Boss - "It's called Hokkigai, not Kitayorigai."
Sakai - "HOMYGOD!!!!! GODA----MN!!!"

It was so embarrassing.

With this and that, bye!!!

Ducky's Notes:
1. The italicized part in Uruha's dialogue about running was implied, he didn't actually say it.
2. Gal Sone is a competitive eater and singer in Japan. Please go here  for more on her~
3. The kanji (characters) for Kitayorigai and Hokkigai are the same. But Kitayori refers to the northern winds and Hokkigai is the Sakhalin surf clam, which Sakai was actually referring to. He probably got confused and mixed them up:D 
4. Sakai actually said 'Oh My God' and 'Goddamn' in english XD


  1. Firstly, I never thought that Sakai has cute fetish. Second, I had a feeling that those are the only English words that he's familiar with, lol

  2. Haha XD
    He does use random english words here and there..just like that....maybe i should point it out every time he does so :D

    Thanks for commenting :D