Saturday, 24 July 2010

Nao's blog - 19.07.2010.


A night together in the Box-House

So, we spent a night together in the Box-House

Ducky's Notes:
Awwwwwwwwwww Nao and his bunnies ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 16 July 2010

Neo Genesis - Volume 46 - Questionnaire

Neo 5th Anniversary
5 Questions for the GazettE!

The most cathartic scenery is?
Ruki-"The sight of my pet dog sleeping."
Uruha-"The morning view from my verandah, and the scene visible from the place where I leave the entranceway."
Aoi-"The natural view of the high skies from my parents' home."
Reita-"The time I look at the mirror after waking up in the morning......being a joke, my room."
Kai-"Absolutely clear, blue skies devoid of humidity. So I can feel soothed only once or twice a year."

Please tell us your methods to deal with a cold.
Ruki-"I go to the hospital immediately. In case there is something, I also get myself an IV drip."
Uruha-"I buy 2 litres of Amino Supli, drink it off and go to sleep."
Aoi-"I think I won't catch a cold so I don't catch it."
Reita-"I sleep. Unless my temperature is above 39 degrees, I definitely don't go to the hospital."
Kai-"I eat things with plenty of nutrients in them."

What do you feel is important in life?
Ruki-"It's ambitions."
Uruha-"The desire to improve oneself. If that dies, one is a living corpse, you know."
Aoi-"Thinking about how to earn money. Things like love, I'm too cold to talk about them."
Reita-"Loving oneself."
Kai-"I'm sure this'll sound obvious, but a sense of gratitude."

The pet you want to try raising?
Ruki-"A Chihuahua of the exact same colour as the Chihuahua I have now."
Uruha-"I want to raise the smartest dog in the world."
Aoi-"I don't need one. Taking care itself is something meaningless to me."
Reita-"Penguin. It's cute how they glide over on their bellies."
Kai-"The Munchkin cat. It's so tiny and cute."

The music you're addicted to right now?
Ruki-"Right now I mostly listen to Techno."
Uruha-"It changes with the situation. Whatever calms me in the car."
Aoi-"The songs selected for the GazettE's Tour. I'm listening to them in order to recall them."
Reita-"Songs which sound like The Peanuts. The songs I sung at the Karaoke bar I went to with my family."
Kai-"The Live DVD of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant I borrowed from Reita."

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hiroto's blog - 15.07.2010.

-Day 2 Over!!!-

The 2-day-long at Sapporo is also over!!!

Both the days also went by, after all!!!

The northern land was hotter since last year!!!

We were received very well.

Thank You!!

Will come meet you again!!

It was 2 days of capturing sensations.

And it's the first Hakodate LIVE today!!!!!!!!!

Hakodate, which will appear in the photo-collection from now on!!!!!!

The LIVE which is the realization of my most earnest desires!!!!!!!!!

Please be good to us!!!!!!!

To a hot night!!!!!!!!!!!


Nao's blog - 14.07.2010.




Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Shou's blog - 12.07.2010.

DEATH during Rehearsal

The staircase leading to the PENNILESS stage.

Really looks like an apparition will appear out of here (laughs)

We always fire ourselves up right before the performance here.

Shou's blog - 13.07.2010.

As expected, right Saga?

Him making songs even during the free time between rehearsals.

The excitement goes up as the Live approaches.

I burned out at the Live yesterday, but was able to revive myself with Ginseng.

Let's get at it today again.

Shou's blog - 14.07.2010.

Thank You Sapporo

Met cows when I was looking for Guarana.

If it stays this way I won't even be able to have Yakiniku (◎_◎;)
They had such lonely eyes..

Ducky's Notes:
Go vegetarian, Shou:) That's the nicer option:) And you're nice, aren't you? Go vegetarian:)

Kazuki's blog - 14.07.2010.



Thanks to Lewis, my name has changed to Kazuo (laughs)
Once again, this is Kazuo.
If someone calls me Kazuo, I'll throw my guitar away.
Everybody, take note~.

Had Chinese fried-rice some time back.
At a Kushiage shop (laughs)
I got it made specially for myself!
How could I, being so good at rice, lose to this?

Yesterday was Kushiage.

And then...

Today is Kushiage again.

But it's absolutely delicious!

And now it's a Darts Showdown again today.

Silver Kazuki.
Black Aoi.

Today, I have new darts!

Aren't they cool?
They're my treasure!

I just realized.
I don't think I can win against Aoi (laughs)
His power of absorption is too much!

Nobody agrees to be my teacher~
I thought I wanted a Darts Machine at home, you know.
It's for about 3 million yen it seems.

...Umm, I'll let it pass (laughs)

For now, I just want to say this to everybody.
Darts are Awful.

Ducky's Notes:
1. I'm grinning real wide over here, can you tell? ^_______________________^
2. If i'm not mistaken, Aoi was out having Kushiage at 2 in the morning the other day, wasn't he? 
3. If i'm not mistaken again, this particular Darts match went on till almost 6 in the morning, didn't it?
4. You guys, romance away:D We're lovin' it ♥ :D

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Shou's blog - 10.07.2010.


Rehearsals are also over so my spirits are at their MAX!

Discovered a senior's graffiti and they rose even higher!


Ducky's Notes:
1. *perverted grin with twinkle in the eye* ;P
2. It says "Achilles King" up there on the skull; and "THE GAZETTE" and "Gazetto ♥" down there. :D

Saga's blog - 02.07.2010.


Taking a breather from work,
I watched "INTERVIEW with VAMPIRE",
after quite a while.
It's a dizzyingly interesting movie.

Then, wrote a song so good it makes me giddy with decadence.

it was too serious so I put it away.

I want to be able to write happy-go-lucky songs. (laughs)

How will the next album turn out, I wonder.

Ducky's Notes:
OMG i ♥ that movie!!!! :D

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kazuki's blog - 04.07.2010.



Aoi sponsored BBQ!

Went with everybody!

Ate delicious meat, ate roasted meat, ate almost fresh meat (laughs)

It was absolute fun!

When I was taking a dive with everybody, the sandal I was wearing (right) went missing (laughs)

Tokyo Bay...

Came back home barefoot, by car (laughs)

Next, Satomi's spectacles (which were on my head) also went missing.

I'll be heading to Tokyo Bay to look for them now.

Not at all (laughs)

I'll make adequate compensations!

I took photographs as souvenirs of this fulfilling day, with my digital camera!

Thank you!