Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 06.04.2010.


This is sudden, but speaking in english, this is Ryo Sakai.

What is this-------!! This is meaningless!!

Has Sakai finally lost it?

No no, Sakai might be weird all the time but there aren't any problems!!!

Anecdote 1
I went to the ESP agent with Uruha today.
On our way, in the car:
Uruha - "Did you know that drinking alcohol everyday increases the likelihood of cerebral haemorrhage?"
Sakai - "I didn't know that!! Are you serious??"
Uruha - "Of course I'm serious!! Even I've been abstaining a bit from alcohol!!!"
Sakai - "Are you serious??? Isn't it better to just give up alcohol in such a case???"
Uruha - "Wouldn't it be good if you gave up smoking too?? Smoking isn't all that good either!!"
Sakai - "I thought I was told about that just now!!!"
Uruha - "Smoking!! Give it up!!!"
Sakai - "I think I can't until it is 1000 yen."
Uruha - "You've named your loss!!"
Sakai - "..........."

While we were talking thus, we arrived at Ochanomizu!!
We went through a few random sections of the shop in our search for a guitar.
After an hour, not only had we bought a guitar, we also met up with Mr. Hiroshi Shima from ESP!!!!!!!!
After we looked at the guitars at BigBoss FREAKS MARKET for a while, the salesperson made a request:
Salesperson - "Please give your signature at BigBoss FREAKS MARKET!!"
Uruha - "Sure. Where would it be alright to sign??"
Salesperson - "On that wall!!!!"
Uruha - "Eh!! The wall!!! Is that alright????"
Salesperson - "We got the signature from Aoi too."
Uruha - "Oh!! Seriously!!"
Salesperson - "Could you please!!"
Uruha - "Well here!!!"

Salesperson - "Thank you."

After leaving the shop:
Uruha - "Wasn't it nice that I signed right on top???"
Sakai - "It was fine!!"
Uruha - "That's good isn't it."

What weird thing the two of us ate on our way back shall remain under wraps!!!!
It was definitely red and globular!! And it came with second helpings!!

In order to see Uruha's and Aoi's signatures, GO----- to BigBoss FREAKS MARKET!!

Although this came to mind after watching Aoi's blog,
the earthen pots at my place are also MADE IN MIE----!!
Great---!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

With that, I decide upon Kimchi Nabe for tomorrow!!!

Everybody, there have been rapid changes in temperature recently so be careful about your health!!

With that bye bye bye!!

Ducky's Notes:
Kimchi Nabe is a dish.


  1. Oh, Uruha's signature~! Too bad it's not Ruki's, but... I can't have everything xD
    The talk between Uruha and Sakai is genius~
    Of course, as great as usual. Thanks for translating!

  2. You're welcome:D
    Sakai seems quite close to all the members and i guess that shows:)

  3. Yes,that's right, it shows.
    Uruha - "Of course I'm serious!! Even I've been abstaining a bit from alcohol!!!"

    Of course, of course xD I don't believe him xD
    I wonder who is the closest one to him, I mean, to Sakai.
    (I didn't know how to say that, 'closest?', I hope You'll understand :3 )

  4. Thank you for translating! :) Too bad I can't see those signatures D:

  5. >__> The "Anonymous" is me D:

  6. I. Have. To. Go. There!!

    But.. why can't it be Kais DX XDDD"

    Anyway XD Thanks for the translation and everybody should give up smoking DX!
    And Uruha with a less amount of alcohol.. hm hm.. good XDD

  7. @pucchan94
    Haha :D Well i hope that little health byte will make him cut down his consumption. We want our talented guitarist all hale and hearty now, don't we?
    I guess 'closest' is how one says it? Haha..i don't know..now i'm confused too!
    Hmm..i think Aoi spends time with him the most because he doesn't have many friends in Tokyo. Aoi then, i guess?

    Haha XD That happens,i know :D
    I want to see those signatures too!! It was so cute how Uruha was bloating over signing right on top <3
    Thanks for commenting dear :)

    Lord you're /going/ there!! Wow!!
    If you do, please get us pictures okay?? Please!!
    Yeah, smoking is actually worse than drinking because passive smokers suffer equal damage, so it's like killing other people, in a way x__x
    I do hope Uruha gives up alcohol too. Addictions never did anybody any good, and since he was able to quit smoking, he should be able to do this too:D Let's hope for a healthier Gazeguitarist!!
    Thanks for commenting :D

  8. Ah ah ah No XDD
    I don't know if I will go there XD At least I first have to go to japand and second I have to find it x_X But if, someday, maybe I can take pics XD

    Yeah =.= I'm a passive smoker and it's so disgusting DX I really hate smoke and cigarettes u_U Nya... maybe not give it up completely. I mean uruha and the drinking XD" Cause one beer once in a while is allowed XD He should follow Aoi and drink Asahi *3*
    Haha yeah healthier XD I remember he had knee problems? First signs of getting old, ne >D

    Ah and you're welcome =3

  9. Oh i see :D
    Of course a beer once in a while is allowed Uru:D
    And he should share it with Aoi:D Then share 'other things' with Aoi:DD What's Asahi like? And what's so dry about the Super Dry?? *sorry, have barely any knowledge about alcohols* XD
    Yeah he had knee-aches, so he went and bought running gear, and the salesgirl didn't even recognise him XDD Sakai mentioned something about this in his blog in early January, haha :D

  10. Interesting, hey, i didn't know about it~!
    *and i think he should share his bed with Aoi xd*

  11. I know that drinking can give you brain damage but he should know that drinking can also damage his liver =___=""

    @yutaka-no-drums I think I know why Uruha would never want to drink Asahi beer. Asahi beer is an inferior good in Japan which means it's not a high quality beer and it doesn't taste good. I'm pretty sure that Uruha wants something that taste better so I doubt he wants to drink Asahi beer. I don't drink at all but I know a little bit about Asahi beer from the economic text book, lol.

    Even though I'm not interested with entering guitar shop, but I do wish to see the sign ^3^

    Anyway, thanks for the translation, Alien Ducky XD

  12. True true! The liver gets damaged before the brain, actually :-/ (i think)

    Thanks for commenting:D

  13. You're welcome XD

    Yup, that might be true because liver can repair itself just like skin but if it's too much consumption, it won't repair itself anymore. Both will be damaged in the long run but I think liver will be the first to show the sign of damage. I hope he really stop drinking this time *sigh*