Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hiroto's blog - 10.04.2010.


In the middle of the journey

I came across 

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom.

At tomorrow's Live too

from the stage, do let me see

your happy faces

blooming, just like the Cherry Blossoms!!


Ducky's Notes:
Ah, Hiroto has such an eye for beautiful photographs~~ I'm going to post all of those beauties now onwards:) As much as i can, atleast:D


  1. Hi! *-* thx for translations!!

    Hmm, I was thinking if I could translate Hiroto blogs to my language~(portuguese), I'm admin of a brazilian fansite (
    Of course I'll give you the proper credits ^^

    thx in advance~~

  2. Oh sure! That'll be great!!

    I'll try to be more regular about translating his blog, in that case :D

  3. Thx a lot!!! I'm really needing these translations since the currently translator of Alice Nine blogs missed some Hiroto and Nao entries and won't back to translate, just if she has time... so if someone else could have the translation of March and April 2010 of Hiroto's blogs... I'll be veeeeery happy *_*