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SHOXX - November 2010 - Aoi Interview

Latest Interview

----First of all, we would like to hear about "NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS - 01" this time. What meaning did the first half of this Long Tour hold for you?

~~Well, I just think it was a good Tour, as usual. Actually, having completely switched over to recording-mode now, I honestly don't really remember any details (smiles bitterly).

----You're that engrossed in the creative work, aren't you? Incidentally, since when are you in the Studio?

~~Since yesterday.

----Eh. The recording was just 3 days after the Tour ended! Still, it's amazing that you can't remember the Tour because of having been working here since yesterday.

~~That's because, even though it was just a day, I had confined myself to the Studio throughout, and was set upon slowly and steadily recording the guitar. It isn't very nice, but the mode just got switched over.

----The one you're recording right now, is it the Single for December?

~~Right, it's still hot and we're already making things for the winter.

----I see. Well, we'll talk about that another day, and for now, please tell us about the Single, "Red", coming out in September. What was your impression of the title-song, "Red", when Ruki first presented it to you?

~~The song before this, "Shiver", was the kind of song which abruptly started at top-speed, went bam! and it continued that way throughout. "Red" too, at the demo-stage, had quite a similar feel to it, but I thought how I wanted to add a bit more expression to it this time round. The melody was basically quite good, so in order to make it look even better, I felt it would be absolutely great to add some modulations and variety to it.

----That perception hit right on target. While retaining the radical atmosphere set out by "Shiver", you were at the same time able to present a band-sound with a different approach yet again.

~~Since there is the emotional factor and something very human associated with it, something of myself definitely comes across in the picture. It was nice to bring out a different angle through it, very different from "Shiver".

----From the point of view of guitar ensembles, the large number of tie-ups between Uruha and you is a characteristic feature of "Red".

~~Ah, yes, I suppose. There used to be a lot of that in the past, but in recent years, more than doing tie-ups, we've been arranging things more in unison with each other.

----From there, having revived the tie-up part with "Shiver", there has been a whole lot of development in the area of twin-guitars this time with "Red", isn't it? Despite not being a guitar-kid, I feel that is a very essential part to be listening to.
~~Ah no, you're just being very kind to be putting it that way (laughs). But talking of this, the single for December gets even better, you know? It’s gone to the extent where we’re afraid we’ll get too caught up with having as many tie-ups as we want to or even having too many tie-ups between us (laughs).

----Ah. Even if that is the case, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

~~Well, be it a tie-up or unison, the point to be considered is whether or not it suits the song in its entirety. I’m quite certain that criterion is not going to change even henceforth.

----Well then, we would also like to hear something about the compositions for the coupling songs. I felt something akin to nostalgia for a moment, when I first heard about “Vermin”. Somewhere, it makes one think of the GazettE’s past. Is that merely my imagination?

~~Wonder what it is? Stating it this way, I don’t suppose it is something done consciously.

----From your perspective, what is the distinctive characteristic of this song?

~~I suppose it’s a song which will be quite lively at the Lives.

----I understand. The moment I heard this song, I could almost see the atmosphere of the Live play out in my head (laughs).

~~All of us also wanted a song which could quickly be used at Lives. One way or the other, we wanted a song which would be easy-to-understand and would quickly blend with the mood everybody would be in.

----Songs which one can enjoy abandoning all reason, are, in reality, the ones which very easily blend in with the mood and the flow, aren’t they?

~~If it’s not that type of a song, wouldn’t it take a lot of time to build it up for a Live? Of course, there is also the method of developing a song in the course of a one-man Tour, but this time, even as we did that, there was this thing all along, of having Tokyo Dome up ahead, you know (laughs). With that aim, we added a song which had a sense of immediacy to it.

----Also, in the Single this time, there is also “AN UNBEARABLE FACT”, made by you, in the end. What was the concept from which this song was built?

~~In a nutshell, it’s about the ambience. I made it thinking how great it would be if such a scenario could gradually be brought forth during a Live. After all, “Naraku” ended up going into much heavier territory than what I had earlier thought for it, you know (smiles bitterly). I thought it could go in a more vigorous direction, what with the Live, so this time round, I thought, ‘How about this?’.

----As a member, there must have been a sense of expectation from the people, were you conscious of that ?

~~Ah no, not that much for me. Originally, there was more of a macho kind of feeling than a complete picture, and then, with Ruki’s vocals added to it, it sort of, got spiced up. That was probably what was expected anyway.

----Further, the guitar solo in this song is interesting in its originality.

~~Is that so? There was no particular aim I had in mind for it, so one way or the other, that was just something I played along with some inspiration.

----One could feel your ingenuity in the way you attacked with a classical sounding phrase, and then, unexpectedly, brought forth a taste of the avant garde towards the end.

~~Even if you say that, personally, I’m incapable of doing something which is so terribly difficult. The tapping in the final half is just an idea of some sort.

----You’re just being modest.

~~The point is, the song too is just a coupling by itself. Just having a bit of fun, well that’s nice you know.

----Aoi. Flattery aside, this song, “AN UNBEARABLE FACT”, did get completed with a must-listen quality to it, didn’t it? Why then, such ‘desperate’ pickiness over every tiny little detail??

~~Ah no, I’m just trying to cover up my own insecurities here, somehow (smiles bitterly).

----Wha—t. Is that indeed the case (laughs). Everything’s all right, please have more confidence in yourself!

~~But look, one has to consider the flow of “SHIVER” and “Red” here, you see. Compared to these title songs here, isn’t this probably the core? That’s because as a song, I think it’s one which is very tough to get the hang of—

----That’s true, this song doesn’t have a pop or a catchy feel to it. But, doesn’t it have the depth of flavor like dried, shredded squid? I suppose that is where the value of the very existence of this song lies.

~~Seriously? I thought it was much better suited to be played by a band with more of a worldview, than be played by us (laughs).

----There, you’re thinking too much (laughs).

~~Am I? I guess it’s just to do with age. These days, somehow, I’ve become strangely prone to worrying.

----Let’s change the mood here. Henceforth, let’s enjoy the process of having these songs grow and develop at the Lives hereafter.

~~That’s right. These being long awaited songs, and also to ensure that these don’t get snuffed out at the one-man Tour, I want to work hard towards it with everybody at the Lives hereafter. Even with these 3 songs, one can create an absolutely cool atmosphere, through attentive work with the way to have them heard and the way to have them viewed.

----“NAMELESS~ -02-“ is a Tour which is also linked with Dome, to be here before long. I’ll be eagerly anticipating it.

~~“NAMELESS~ 01”, basically, was vigorous and enjoyable, and it consistently stayed that way at the Lives too, I think. It was fine if it went that way, but from now onwards, I want to have even the main part of the Lives conclude with a clean snap. I’ll work towards a Tour where day after day, I’ll make a precise rise up the ladder, step after step.

Ducky's Notes:
1. Aoi first! Why? Because: 
 a)He's awesome to have come to Twitter! 
 b)He's even more awesome and sweet to have 'Followed' so many Fan-Twitters! 
2. Thank you Aoi, for still being human, and being so adorkable sometimes and making us LAUGH. OUT. LOUD, but also being so brutally honest at other times and making us want to weep in understanding and sympathy, and showing us, invariably, that even a Superstar goes through joy and disappointment and excitement and gloominess, all in the span of a single day sometimes, just like the rest of us. All the best to you, you little fuzzball ♥ Be happy always :)
3. This 'Note' is threatening to get longer than the interview itself ¬_¬;; 
4. Oh and though I'm sure everybody would have clicked on the words and figured this out by now, I'll still mention it here. 'Dried, shredded squid', though it sounds sort of abrupt there, is most probably used as a metaphor for 'deep significance' and 'an understanding of the subtle depths', in whichever context~
5. Enjoy! And do share your thoughts here :D