Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hiroto's blog - 03.04.2010.


The pictures I've been publishing in my blog recently

Why do I keep taking them?

I've been asked those questions, but

I don't even have

 a good camera

a photograph is

a record

of that


The moment I feel

well, this is now

I don't mind using even my mobile phone's camera then

even a normal camera is fine

It's just about

recording that moment

even the sounds

I want to treasure

the aura I that I experienced

at that "moment"

Even if the picture quality isn't good

even though the equipment isn't good

something that reflects in my eyes

something that I can hear with my ears

Anything is fine as long as it resonates with my heart.


Ducky's Notes:
1. Hiroto, oh dear little Hiroto, dear cute little sensitive Hiroto~~~~ *sends hugs*
2. Go here  for the original post~

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