Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 17.04.2010.


Thanks for the hard work-------!!!!!!!!

Went to Saitama!!!!!
But the highway was blocked owing to the snow------!!!

Thanks to it I discovered Godzilla. (Refer to Uruha's blog!!)

Uruha - "There's Godzilla!!!"
Sakai - "Godzilla??"
Uruha - "Let's click a photograph with my mobile phone!!!"
Uruha, from the back seat, was focusing in the direction of the driver's seat!!
Sakai - "Hey--- Uruha!!! Please stop it!!!! Are you calling me Godzilla!!!!! This is abusive!!!!!"
Uruha - "No!! Don't have such a splendid misunderstanding!!!! There's Godzilla out there!!!!"
Sakai - "Sorry."

Who'd have imagined a Godzilla on top of a greengrocer's???

So that was Sakai, who had a splendid misunderstanding.

Uruha's photography today was extremely stylish!!!!
Want to see it soon!!!!!

With this and that, see you tomorrow!! Bye!!!!