Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 20.04.2010.


This is Sakai who is making a declaration to wear half-sleeves today onwards.

It's become warmer these days!!!!!
Spring is the best!!!!!

Sakai - "It's spring already, isn't it!!!"
Reita - "That's right."
Sakai - "Isn't it the season for bikes already???"
Reita - "Right!! I want to come to the studio by bike!!"
Sakai - "You like bikes, don't you!!!"
Reita - "That's because Me=Bike!!"
Sakai - "Eh!!!! And the GazettE??"
Reita - "the GazettE is the world!!!"
Sakai - "That's right!!!!"

It'll be nice if bike-lover Reita rides his bike soon!!!!

I was watching Aoi recording his guitar.
Aoi - "Hey--- Ryo!!"
Sakai - "I'm just watching you record. Am I intruding??"
Aoi - "If you keep watching me this much you might fall in love!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "-gulp-"
Aoi started recording a difficult part then, and it was perfect!!!
Aoi - "There are no doubts!!! I'm absolutely awesome!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "Wonderful---!!! You're so handsome!!!"

While talking in the dressing room after recording was over:
Aoi - "It feels really good to be so loud, isn't it!!!"
Sakai - "Tha-t's right!!! Do your best!!"
Aoi - "Yeah!!!!"

Uruha, during recording:
Uruha - "Ryo!! Do you have any (chewing) gum??"
Sakai - "I don't have it. Shall we go and buy some??"
Uruha - "I'm saved. Please!!!"
1 hour later:
Uruha - "The gum, isn't it here yet???"
Sakai - "Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll go and get it immediately!!"
I went and bought the gum, and in true Sakai-style, unwrapped it before bringing it to him.
Uruha - "Is this used???"
Sakai - "Please excuse me!!!! It's brand new!! Brand new!!!"
Uruha - "You did it on purpose!!!"

Uruha, in the dressing room after recording:
Uruha - "I'll write my blog now!!!"
Sakai - "That's nice!!!!"
Uruha - "What do I write???"
Quick snapshot of Uruha thinking!!!!

Though I've seen Uruha's blog, he's writing something which has been much anticipated!!!
I'm trembling (with anticipation)!!!!

As we were listening to the day's recording while returning in the car with Uruha and Aoi,
the moment the tape finished!!!
Uruha & Aoi - "Goo-----d, isn't it!!!!! It's good!!!"

I was absolutely delighted with that, even as I drove.
And why was that??
Because I think "It's goo---d!!" is something one says only at the best of times.
And so the members seem to be enjoying themselves as they record.

And with that, what time is it already????
Oh no!!! I'll sleep now. (These days the time this finishes is always something like this.)

Well then---!!! RYO SAKAI


  1. It looks like Uruha types with just one finger from each hand... lol.

  2. Aoi - "If you keep watching me this much you might fall in love!!! (laughs)"
    Sakai - "-gulp-"

    poor sakai.XD


  3. @drunkelnatt:
    ehehehe~ probably.. or maybe he was pressing Shift+1 for them Exclamation marks :D
    Thanks for leaving a comment!!

    @Dreamer Queen:
    uhuhuhuhu :D *chuckle chuckle*
    Poor Sakai indeed!! He's surrounded by the choicest of HAWT BOIS all the freaking time XDD
    Thanks for commenting :D

  4. thanks for your post...
    As ussual, may I translate this in Indonesia?!
    Really like Sakai's blog

  5. Hey hello ^^ !!

    I love your translation, that's so kind to you to give that to us <3

    You're like god you know that ? <3

    Can you give to me the japanese version of Aoi's sentence :
    "Aoi - "If you keep watching me this much you might fall in love!!!"

    It will be helpful ;_;
    Thank you so much best ducky !!

  6. I just try to translate whatever i can :)
    Sadly enough, Sakai's blog isn't accessible anymore :(
    But here's the entire conversation:
    And thank you for replying :D