Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 15.04.2010.


Oops!!! This is sort of sudden!!
The play-order for Budoukan starts today, right!!
All of you definitely know this, don't you!!
Budoukan is where "NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS" begins!!!
Lets go on to create a legend out of "NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS" with each one of you!!!!!!!!

Getting back to the topic,
this is Sakai, who did go for Hanami the other day, but returned within 15 minutes because of the cold.

Anecdote Special today!!!!!!!! (Isn't it better to not have Specials if you're writing everyday??)

Anecdote 1:
The other day, I went to the Instruments store with Reita to buy a Bass.
Bass-buying story, abridged!!! (Seriously???)

Ah!! Do you remember what I mentioned about Uruha's signature, earlier in this blog????
Reita - "Ah!! There's Uruha's sign!!"
Sakai - "He put it there earlier!!!"
Reita - "Well then I'm going to try signing even above Uruha's!!"
and he signed the wall saying so!!
Reita is the most competitive person in the world, isn't he!!!!!

After that, Reita, Suji and me went to a cafe for lunch and tea.
Sakai - "Not so stylish, is it!!"
Reita - "Is it alright to say that???Aren't the 2 of you being improper??"
Sakai & Suji - "WHY!!! Why!!! It's absolutely alright!!"
Reita - "The two of you are dressed casually, that's why!!
Sakai & Suji - "Well, that doesn't count!!!!!"
Reita was looking really good in his favourite leather jacket.

Anyway, while we were having La Carbonara like celebrities, I was talking animatedly, when
Reita - "Would you excuse me!!"
and burst out roaring with laughter.
Sakai - "What happened???"
Reita - "You were talking so enthusiastically, so its excusable, but there's sauce around your mouth...ahaha!!"
Suji - "Ryo is like Shimura Ken's Bakatonosama!!! Ahahha!!"
Sakai - "Ah!!! It leaked, did it??? It was intentional though!! It was intentional!!"
Reita & Suji - "Ahahahahahahhahahaha"

Wouldn't it be nice if the two of you wouldn't laugh like that??? This is a cafe, please act a bit refined!!! (Look who's talking, Sakai!!!")

Anecdote 2:
Aoi had been requesting for the past few days, so I called upon him.
This evening too, the feast seemed rather pleasantly piled up.

Sakai - "Reita, Suji and me went to the cafe today, and Suji and me were talking about how the place wasn't all that stylish!!"
Aoi - "Seriously!! It's more likely the 3 of you weren't suited to the place!!"
Sakai - "I suppose that was the case??"
Aoi - "The same to Reita!!!"
Sakai - "Ah!! I was wrong!!!"

And as we talked, Aoi brought out Beer and Highball!!!!
Me having such a meal and Kahlua Milk!!! (Is it okay to combine them??)
I've forgotten how many glasses I had!!
I'll borrow this space to say,
"Thank you for the wonderful meal".

Anecdote 3:
The scene at the studio:


Everybody is working hard and practising.
There's no doubt this will turn out to be an excellent product!!!!!
Please wait eagerly!!!!

A small anecdote about this space:
These days the members have been writing in their blogs,
and the frequency of updates has gone up.
This is fortunate!!
Or so I think. (How smart!!)

Yesterday, Kai's part of the recording, for now, got over, right? (Refer to his blog.)
Thank you for your hard work and effort, Kai.

This is just my monologue, so please don't mind it too much.
While recording, the members were in a heavy discussion about their sound or playing during the Live, which might have changed yet again. They were all very serious about it.
Watching them, even I felt like working hard and giving my best.
I think these discussions and opinions will lead to an excellent end-product.
This year, the members, the fans, the staff, each and everybody, lets lose ourselves to the magic of the GazettE!!

Though this ended up getting so long, bye bye!!!!!!!!!


It's raining again today!!!! (It's too cold!!!)

Today, the recording for the Bass finally started.
Kai's blog has become a little quick, hasn't it!!! Never mind!!
Kai too came to the studio and is practicing.

Keep working hard Reita!!!

Reita playing Bass in a PS leather jacket is the coolest in the world!!!!


Reita's recording for the day is over!!!!!!
Thank you for your efforts.

Today, Reita looked at my blog, and said:
It's a riddle why I'm better.
Reita's adage of the day!!

The quality of the GazettE's recording has improved,
and recently the frequency of their blogs has gone up.
My heart,
takes a leap at both of these things!!!!

Who is better, Reita or Sakai??

See you tomorrow!!! Bye.

Ducky's Notes:
L~oooo~oooo~oooo~oooo~ng post, huh? Sakai posted thrice in a day!! Phew~ i'm exhausted-_-\\


  1. thank you!!! i enjoyed it! i actually i do this all the time, but this time, too!! XD