Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 04.04.2010.


This is stuff from the backstage at the Osaka Final, while everybody was around.

Anecdote 1
I was walking around backstage at ZAPP OSAKA when I discovered strawberries!!

I had them with ample of condensed milk poured onto them.
It was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed it.

Anecdote 2
At the time of the Final, during rehearsals, Suji and me were watching the rehearsals from the seats, and after a song got over, Aoi turned our way and threw his pick at us.

....think about it!! Isn't Aoi's pick black!!!
We had no idea where the pick, thrown ever so kindly at us, had gone off to, so Suji and me launched a desperate search for it in the Hall, going "SPECS!!??specs!!??" all the while!!
And finally, I found it!!

Though a part of me would like to have this thought of as a "Present to the Most Famous", the honest me knows I have no right to do so.
With such feelings, I'm going to treasure this as a keepsake!! (What was that all about?)

Anecdote 3
An incident that happened when we were returning to Tokyo after the Final too was over!!
The much talked-about "Koron"

When we were returning by car, 
Koron went barking at me with abandon,
but when Ruki held him to himself, he stopped barking immediately, and was soon sleeping in Ruki's arms!!!
As expected, Ruki!!

I'm certainly hated by Reita's Keiji and Ruki's Koron. Sobsob!!!

With such and such, see you again tomorrow!!!!! Bye Bye

Ducky's Notes:
1. Sakai actually did write 'ZAPP' instead of 'ZEPP', so i let it be as such, because i like to keep things as close to the original as possible so everybody can get a feel of what the real thing is like :)
2. We finally have proof, people, that Ruki does, in fact, own a pink bag for Koron :D  All those wonderful fan-fiction pieces are coming back to me now :D


  1. Thank you soo much for the translation!! LOL, poor Sakai. Everybody's pets hate him~!

  2. Oh.



    That is the second most cutest pic of Koron I have ever seen.

  3. Hahaha! Poor Sakai!

    Thank you for translate!

  4. Oh, You're awesome! I really want to thank You for translating, especially the GazettE's things. Sakai's blog is very funny. And this photo of Koron - there's Ruki who's in the background, isn't it? Thanks again and sorry for my English :)

  5. I'm completely addicted to your blog. Thanks for translating.
    Sakai's so funny~
    And this part about Ruki's dog - it was cute <3

  6. OMG *__* Koron is so cute!! =//3
    Thank you very much for this translation! I am so grateful that you do this >-<
    Sakai is cool XD He rocks. Definitely XD

    And he should be lcuky that no other Gazemen has a pet XD So it is just two who seem to hate him XD

  7. @1337_lurker
    Hehe, yeah~ The Gazepets hate him, but the Gazeboys love him~ I guess he doesn't mind that equation too much XD

    Which is the cutest one? *is curious*

    Sakai sure has a lot of sympathy from us fangirls:D Thanks for leaving a comment!

    @Anonymous:Hehe:) Yeah, i think that must be Ruki, because Koron wouldn't be leaning into anybody else's hand like that, would he :D And those tiny legs are definitely Ruki's XD
    And don't worry about the English, dear. Your comment means a lot to me, irrespective of the langugae:) So, thanks for commenting!

    @pucchan94: Sakai is definitely a lot of fun XD I think the GazettE must be feeling lucky to have such a cool manager:) And Sakai must be thanking the powers-that-be that he's incharge of such a rocking band!!
    Thanks for commenting!