Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 27.04.2010.



(Long time since I've made such a noisy start!!!!)

I had a meeting about costumes with Kai today.
Sakai - "Good Morning!!!"
Kai - "Morni---ng!! Oh!!! Your hunting-cap is cool!!"
Sakai - "Really!!"
Kai - "It suits you more than a cap!!!!"
Sakai - "Yay!!!!" (1)
Sakai - "But Aoi told me earlier that I look like somebody on [Chii Chinpo]." (2)
Kai - "That's not true!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "And before that, Suji said it looked like Ueshima from Dachou Club!!!" (3)
Kai - "That's so cruel."

Just how long will Kai be this kind-hearted!!!! I need to lose weight somehow or the other!!!

Yesterday, I received some authentic Korean banana juice from Mr. Yamada of the Hair and Make-Up section.
Mr. Yamada - "This is authentic. Please share it with all the members."
Sakai - "Oh!!! It's the much talked-of banana juice, isn't it!!!! I'll have it with everybody. Thank you so much."

So, although I left it to cool in the refrigerator, I gulped down quite a lot of it because it was so delicious, and
Oh My God!! Just one bottle left!!!
As I was in a state of:
Sakai - "Oh no oh no!!! What do I do???"
Aoi made an appearance!!!
Sakai - "Aoi, there's authentic Korean banana juice from Mr. Yamada."
Aoi - "Thank you!! This is too-- delecious!!! Won't all the members like it too???"
Sakai - "That's right!! But Mr. Yamada said, 'While returning with them, all the bottles, except one, burst in the aeroplane because of the air-pressure.'"
Aoi - "Is that so!! But I wanted everybody to drink this!!!"
Sakai - "Right."

Ah--------- I'm sorry, Mr. Yamada.

Have you made plans for the nearing Golden Week yet??? (4)

Ducky's Notes:
1. Sakai said "Kya!!!!" here. I have absolutely no idea how to put that correctly in english. It's just a very girly, fangirly sort of an expression.
2. Chii Chinpo (loosely translated, Short Stroll) is a show on Asahi TV, dealing with travellers' accounts, the weather and some TV-shopping.
3. Dachou Club (Ostrich Club) is a Japanese comedy trio, and Ueshima Ryuhei is one of them.
4. Golden Week is a week of public holidays starting from April 29th and ending on May 5th, in Japan.
5. Oh and....sneaky, sneaky Sakai :D

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 24.04.2010.


This is Fire Sakai who can't help but be bothered by the temperature changes.
Of course i'm continuing with the half-sleeves!!!! (Clarification owing to being fat.)

Switching topics, the recording by the guitar team ended well. (This is late news, isn't it--???)

We started Ruki's recording today.
Please don't have a physical breakdown because of the recent changes in temperature!!!!!!

An anecdote:
I was talking to Ruki and Reita in the break during recording yesterday:
Sakai - "Don't you want MAC's latest???"
Ruki and Reita - "Want it so much, isn't it---????"
Suddenly, Kai says:
Kai - "Eh??? Haven't you eaten it yet????"
Everybody - "Eh???"
Kai - "The New Teri Tama burger, right????"
Sakai - "No no, the PC!!!!"
Kai - "Ah!! That!!! What a big misunderstanding."

But it was just a mistake after all, wasn't it??
What is Mc Donalds called where all of you are???
McDo?? Mac?? Noland?? Which one is good, I wonder????

Uruha is coming to peer into my PC now.
Uruha - "Doing your job well??"
Sakai - "I'm writing my blog!!!"
Uruha tried to read what was written, so,
Sakai - "Uh----!! Please don't see it, I feel embarrassed."
Uruha - "I'll be able to see it anyway once you post the blog!!"
Sakai - "Ah!! You watch it???"
Uruha - "Of course!!!"

I'm much obliged to Uruha for reading my blog so well, so... Well^ I'll say it here.
"Lets run together again!!! I'll win this time!!!!" (I won't run suddenly, but I do feel like taking rounds of the aisles time and again.)

With that, Sakai's blog for the day comes to an end!!!
Bye bye!!

Ducky's Notes:
1. So what is Mc Donalds called where you are? We simply call it Mc D here :)
2. Teri Tama Burger - Teriyaki McBurger with egg, served during spring. Most probably, 'Teri' is from 'Teriyaki' and 'Tama' is from 'Tamago', meaning 'egg' in japanese. More here.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 21.04.2010.



From, The Half-Sleeve Man.

Sakai's blog - 20.04.2010.


This is Sakai who is making a declaration to wear half-sleeves today onwards.

It's become warmer these days!!!!!
Spring is the best!!!!!

Sakai - "It's spring already, isn't it!!!"
Reita - "That's right."
Sakai - "Isn't it the season for bikes already???"
Reita - "Right!! I want to come to the studio by bike!!"
Sakai - "You like bikes, don't you!!!"
Reita - "That's because Me=Bike!!"
Sakai - "Eh!!!! And the GazettE??"
Reita - "the GazettE is the world!!!"
Sakai - "That's right!!!!"

It'll be nice if bike-lover Reita rides his bike soon!!!!

I was watching Aoi recording his guitar.
Aoi - "Hey--- Ryo!!"
Sakai - "I'm just watching you record. Am I intruding??"
Aoi - "If you keep watching me this much you might fall in love!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "-gulp-"
Aoi started recording a difficult part then, and it was perfect!!!
Aoi - "There are no doubts!!! I'm absolutely awesome!!! (laughs)"
Sakai - "Wonderful---!!! You're so handsome!!!"

While talking in the dressing room after recording was over:
Aoi - "It feels really good to be so loud, isn't it!!!"
Sakai - "Tha-t's right!!! Do your best!!"
Aoi - "Yeah!!!!"

Uruha, during recording:
Uruha - "Ryo!! Do you have any (chewing) gum??"
Sakai - "I don't have it. Shall we go and buy some??"
Uruha - "I'm saved. Please!!!"
1 hour later:
Uruha - "The gum, isn't it here yet???"
Sakai - "Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll go and get it immediately!!"
I went and bought the gum, and in true Sakai-style, unwrapped it before bringing it to him.
Uruha - "Is this used???"
Sakai - "Please excuse me!!!! It's brand new!! Brand new!!!"
Uruha - "You did it on purpose!!!"

Uruha, in the dressing room after recording:
Uruha - "I'll write my blog now!!!"
Sakai - "That's nice!!!!"
Uruha - "What do I write???"
Quick snapshot of Uruha thinking!!!!

Though I've seen Uruha's blog, he's writing something which has been much anticipated!!!
I'm trembling (with anticipation)!!!!

As we were listening to the day's recording while returning in the car with Uruha and Aoi,
the moment the tape finished!!!
Uruha & Aoi - "Goo-----d, isn't it!!!!! It's good!!!"

I was absolutely delighted with that, even as I drove.
And why was that??
Because I think "It's goo---d!!" is something one says only at the best of times.
And so the members seem to be enjoying themselves as they record.

And with that, what time is it already????
Oh no!!! I'll sleep now. (These days the time this finishes is always something like this.)

Well then---!!! RYO SAKAI

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 17.04.2010.


Thanks for the hard work-------!!!!!!!!

Went to Saitama!!!!!
But the highway was blocked owing to the snow------!!!

Thanks to it I discovered Godzilla. (Refer to Uruha's blog!!)

Uruha - "There's Godzilla!!!"
Sakai - "Godzilla??"
Uruha - "Let's click a photograph with my mobile phone!!!"
Uruha, from the back seat, was focusing in the direction of the driver's seat!!
Sakai - "Hey--- Uruha!!! Please stop it!!!! Are you calling me Godzilla!!!!! This is abusive!!!!!"
Uruha - "No!! Don't have such a splendid misunderstanding!!!! There's Godzilla out there!!!!"
Sakai - "Sorry."

Who'd have imagined a Godzilla on top of a greengrocer's???

So that was Sakai, who had a splendid misunderstanding.

Uruha's photography today was extremely stylish!!!!
Want to see it soon!!!!!

With this and that, see you tomorrow!! Bye!!!!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 16.04.2010.


WE ROCK!!!!!

It's done!!!!

(Reita style!!! 19:00)

Reita's adage of the day:
I'm working hard so that everybody can return quickly!!

That it ended by 19:00 was most wonderful!!!

Today I'll ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz quickly.


Ducky's Notes:
Ehe~ Not so long today:D  Sakai's Reita-fanboying amuses me to no end:D

Sakai's blog - 15.04.2010.


Oops!!! This is sort of sudden!!
The play-order for Budoukan starts today, right!!
All of you definitely know this, don't you!!
Budoukan is where "NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS" begins!!!
Lets go on to create a legend out of "NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS" with each one of you!!!!!!!!

Getting back to the topic,
this is Sakai, who did go for Hanami the other day, but returned within 15 minutes because of the cold.

Anecdote Special today!!!!!!!! (Isn't it better to not have Specials if you're writing everyday??)

Anecdote 1:
The other day, I went to the Instruments store with Reita to buy a Bass.
Bass-buying story, abridged!!! (Seriously???)

Ah!! Do you remember what I mentioned about Uruha's signature, earlier in this blog????
Reita - "Ah!! There's Uruha's sign!!"
Sakai - "He put it there earlier!!!"
Reita - "Well then I'm going to try signing even above Uruha's!!"
and he signed the wall saying so!!
Reita is the most competitive person in the world, isn't he!!!!!

After that, Reita, Suji and me went to a cafe for lunch and tea.
Sakai - "Not so stylish, is it!!"
Reita - "Is it alright to say that???Aren't the 2 of you being improper??"
Sakai & Suji - "WHY!!! Why!!! It's absolutely alright!!"
Reita - "The two of you are dressed casually, that's why!!
Sakai & Suji - "Well, that doesn't count!!!!!"
Reita was looking really good in his favourite leather jacket.

Anyway, while we were having La Carbonara like celebrities, I was talking animatedly, when
Reita - "Would you excuse me!!"
and burst out roaring with laughter.
Sakai - "What happened???"
Reita - "You were talking so enthusiastically, so its excusable, but there's sauce around your mouth...ahaha!!"
Suji - "Ryo is like Shimura Ken's Bakatonosama!!! Ahahha!!"
Sakai - "Ah!!! It leaked, did it??? It was intentional though!! It was intentional!!"
Reita & Suji - "Ahahahahahahhahahaha"

Wouldn't it be nice if the two of you wouldn't laugh like that??? This is a cafe, please act a bit refined!!! (Look who's talking, Sakai!!!")

Anecdote 2:
Aoi had been requesting for the past few days, so I called upon him.
This evening too, the feast seemed rather pleasantly piled up.

Sakai - "Reita, Suji and me went to the cafe today, and Suji and me were talking about how the place wasn't all that stylish!!"
Aoi - "Seriously!! It's more likely the 3 of you weren't suited to the place!!"
Sakai - "I suppose that was the case??"
Aoi - "The same to Reita!!!"
Sakai - "Ah!! I was wrong!!!"

And as we talked, Aoi brought out Beer and Highball!!!!
Me having such a meal and Kahlua Milk!!! (Is it okay to combine them??)
I've forgotten how many glasses I had!!
I'll borrow this space to say,
"Thank you for the wonderful meal".

Anecdote 3:
The scene at the studio:


Everybody is working hard and practising.
There's no doubt this will turn out to be an excellent product!!!!!
Please wait eagerly!!!!

A small anecdote about this space:
These days the members have been writing in their blogs,
and the frequency of updates has gone up.
This is fortunate!!
Or so I think. (How smart!!)

Yesterday, Kai's part of the recording, for now, got over, right? (Refer to his blog.)
Thank you for your hard work and effort, Kai.

This is just my monologue, so please don't mind it too much.
While recording, the members were in a heavy discussion about their sound or playing during the Live, which might have changed yet again. They were all very serious about it.
Watching them, even I felt like working hard and giving my best.
I think these discussions and opinions will lead to an excellent end-product.
This year, the members, the fans, the staff, each and everybody, lets lose ourselves to the magic of the GazettE!!

Though this ended up getting so long, bye bye!!!!!!!!!


It's raining again today!!!! (It's too cold!!!)

Today, the recording for the Bass finally started.
Kai's blog has become a little quick, hasn't it!!! Never mind!!
Kai too came to the studio and is practicing.

Keep working hard Reita!!!

Reita playing Bass in a PS leather jacket is the coolest in the world!!!!


Reita's recording for the day is over!!!!!!
Thank you for your efforts.

Today, Reita looked at my blog, and said:
It's a riddle why I'm better.
Reita's adage of the day!!

The quality of the GazettE's recording has improved,
and recently the frequency of their blogs has gone up.
My heart,
takes a leap at both of these things!!!!

Who is better, Reita or Sakai??

See you tomorrow!!! Bye.

Ducky's Notes:
L~oooo~oooo~oooo~oooo~ng post, huh? Sakai posted thrice in a day!! Phew~ i'm exhausted-_-\\

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 14.04.2010.


They're here----------!!!!

Right now, the GazettE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are in the middle of recording.
the GazettE are working hard right now!!!!!!!!

Who do think this is!!!

From Kai:
Kai - "The recording for 1 song is over now!!!! Let's work hard!!!!!"

the GazettE are all fired up!!!!

Ruki has also been updating his blog--------!!!
Referring to Ruki's blog,
"This single including the coupling is the best."
It's terrific, just like Ruki said!!!!

the GazettE are all fired up once again!!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Arena 37 - January 2010 - Aoi Interview

from. the GazettE

Bringing to you Aoi, the second player to the GazettE’s personal gameplan.
Replete with (photographs of) expressions one is never able to see in the photographs of the Gazette fivesome.
This interview with fiery thoughts flowing so earnestly is a must-read!

----As we look back upon the year 2009, let us talk about the prospects for the year 2010.
“There is no choice. Lets talk, in that case. 2009 was normal. No impressions of having been too busy.”


----You’ve forgotten?
“Forgotten what?”

----You almost died out of being busy……
“Ha? Did I?”

----Yes, you did (laughs). Starting 2009 with the Company Live at Budoukan in January, you produced “DISTRESS AND COMA” and did the 7th Anniversary Live at Makuhari Messe on March 10th, went into the production of “DIM” without taking any breaks, and then there was the “DIMSCENE” tour, with the Final at Saitama Super Arena on 5th September.
“Oh~. I worked sufficiently hard then, didn’t I~ (laughs). You’re right, you’re right, I was busy (laughs). I really did feel dead during the production of the album, you know.

----It’s only human to completely forget the bitterness once it’s been swallowed, isn’t it?
“So it is (laughs).”
[Sai, the Manager – They’d say, “In case we die because we’re too busy to rest, you’re the one who’s killed us!”]
“We did that, we did that (laughs). We truly thought that way, you know (laughs). But we had some margin during the second half (of the year), so I forgot about it. Also, maybe its just me in particular, but I’m not the sort to look back. I like it the most when I can place everything ahead of me, can feel the vigour in me, because I think it’s nice to have that feeling of recklessness.”

----Well, don’t you watch past videos of yourselves?
“Those, we do watch. But we don’t watch them with the intention of analysis or introspection. I drag in some elder sisterly lady from around the area and watch it with her. ‘What’s this. Isn’t it cool?’ sort of thing (laughs).”

----Drag in some elder sisterly lady from around the area!? This is rock (laughs). In the past, talented people from outside would often make those kind of comments in western music magazines, right? These days, musicians giving such critiques are no longer around. They, sort of, did away with the ‘person pursuing rock = dangerous’ image. They could well be called the intelligentsia.
“That could be said of them. Well, talking of which, even I do joke around saying those things (laughs).”

---- ………………
“Ahahaha. Well? What was it? Ah, the DVDs. When I’m watching things such as old videos,I do it objectively. Unless it’s watched objectively, it means nothing, does it? When it comes to respecting artists, players or even people, I go all the way, which is why I buy their DVDs and stuff despite having borrowed them. Because they are perennial, you know. It’s an extreme thing to say, it’s alright even if you altogether ignore it (laughs). The fellows in my town would knock down a person if they were talked to in such a way. They’d either grab the base of one’s neck and punch with their bare fists, or they’d circle their hands around the neck and grip it from behind in such a way that one couldn’t move it, and then they’d punch with their fists (laughs). It’s absolutely sadistic. But, they’re absolute masochists when it comes to people whom they respect or are charmed by. Because they let themselves get charmed with all their heart.”

----That again is quite extreme, isn’t it? (laughs)
“Isn’t it cute?”

----What is?
“That sort of me.”

----Eh,  ah,  yeah (laughs). Those words do bring out very Aoi-ish characteristics. So then, for you, aren’t the B’z guitarists one of those respected ones? Do you still continue to work at their music sheets?
“I used to. I definitely respect the B’z guitar playing a lot. But these days, I’ve settled down for another thing to be respected. These days, I think of working harder at my job. I’ve had a sort of change of hearts, you see (laughs). I want to work harder now. That’s why, I haven’t even been playing games, recently.”

----You also have your birthday coming up, on 20th January, isn’t it?
“Yes. One has to grow older. So alongwith that, I feel like working harder at my job too.”

----Still, even though you say that, you’ve been twice as stoic as the others ever since the earlier days. So, if you’re not practising with the B’z music sheets now, what else do you do?
“These days, it’s ‘Dragon Quest’.”

----You just said you’ve stopped games……….
“It’s not a game. It’s like a textbook in which one has to play ‘Dragon Quest’ with metal (music). It is terribly difficult, you know. Mechanical training from hell. That is what I’ve been playing and defeating, recently. First, I wake up in the morning….then, yeah! These days, I’ve been waking up in the mornings you know!”

----Waking up in the morning is not normally thought of as an unusual occurance, you know….
“But that’s because I used to wake up at around 4 in the morning up until now. But these days, I wake up at around 10 in the morning, wash my face and then immediately it’s the guitar. In the past, my lifestyle was such that I would wake up at 4, wash my face, switch on the laptop, and just like that, play games till the morning.”

----Weren’t you a bad person?
“That’s right, isn’t it. A bad person. But recently, for whatever reason, I wake up in the mornings, quickly get onto playing the guitar, and get so immersed into it that the day passes by before I realise it. It makes me sort of happy, to gradually be able to play things that I couldn’t play before because they were too difficult (laughs). It’s almost like being a kid with a guitar, you know (laughs). Nowdays, I can’t help but have fun with the guitar. It isn’t a half-hearted interest, I really immerse myself into it. That’s because these days, I’ve ended up creating an ‘other’ self. When I get into the ofuro (Japanese-style bathtub), my chest sort of darkens, and that becomes the other me. Then I start thinking, “What is this? Don’t freeze.”, I play too much even in my dreams, bringing the guitar’s body really close to myself, I become the ‘other’ (laughs). I go, “What is this right in the middle of my dreams?’ (laughs). It’s great (laughs). I end up tapping at those times. I really get immersed and have to tell myself sometimes that my stomach must be getting empty. When I look at the clock thinking thus, I realise it’s already evening, so no wonder I got hungry.”

----So do you call for home delivery services then?
“No. I’m in a really good mood at those times, so I call over some staff, and go out for food (laughs). Very conveniently I get generous then, and tell myself something on the lines of, “Thanks for everything, have whatever you want.” (laughs). It’s a sense of solitary accomplishment (laughs).”

----Ahahaha. Sense of solitary accomplishment (laughs).
“Right right (laughs). I think, holding onto and standing by what one believes about something makes us mentally stronger as human beings, and sort of, raises us. Though I’m saying it myself, these days, I’ve gone rather gentle (laughs). I don’t get so angry anymore. I don’t feel like fussing over every minute detail, I feel like being a little clumsy too, at times. It’s sort of refreshing, you know. I think it’s very important to feel accomplished, in order to boost oneself. And to think why that fire is still ablaze uptil now. Basically, when I watch people posting videos of my own guitar-play in places such as Guitar Mania, (I realise) how adept they are at it. I almost regret that fact. So I think, “Yay. Let’s get even better!” That’s where that desire (to accomplish) stems from.”

----I see. You self-taught yourself when you started out with the guitar, right?
“That was mainly through copying the music sheets. It used to be like, ‘I can’t read anything except tabs!’. I couldn’t read anything except tabs until recently, because I never thought it was important to my guitar-play. But lately, because I had time, I’ve been studying score sheets too. And I’ve also been practicing how to write them. Actually, I’ve just been trying to see what it’s like to work a bit in the manner of a musician. What with it being my birthday on 20th this month (laughs).”

----Then again, that’s not entirely true (laughs). You’re a famous musician now.
“No no. I’m still like a gamer who’s only halfway there (laughs).”

----There, you’re saying the same thing again (laughs). And yet, all along uptil now, you’ve been investing heavily in instruments if you feel they are important for your sound.
“That’s because I like it. I want to try and grow as a musician, but in a more profound manner. These days, while playing the guitar, it feels like I’m stumbling towards something of an SE.”

----At the keyboard?
“Through step recording. Hey, am I not a musician?”

----Eh, ah, definitely. I mean, one moment you call yourself a gamer, the next you suddenly come up with “Am I not a musician?”, so it’s tough to follow you. What would you like to be known as, then? (laughs)
“Please leave that subject to the occasion, because I myself don’t know such things.”

----…….Sure. In that case, let it be known well that Proffessor Aoi is a musician. How about that?
“Fine. Though I can manage with the step recording, I can’t play the keyboard very well. I’ve been wanting to strengthen that aspect too. More than being a guitarist, it’s a natural thing for me to be playing the guitar. Since the finest is right on top, one way or the other, I want to develop my skills targeting that height. But I’ve come to feel that being able to do even that much is not quite what I’d opt for. Despite being a musician, it’s not nice to end up viewing everything objectively. Lately, the members have also been working hard at developing their individual skills. I can’t possibly lose at that either.”

----I see. Things look really ambitious right now, don’t they. Any objectives for your 2010?
“Well. I guess, to set right every disrepute (suffered) in 2009. Though the year was thoroughly memorable, there was this inferiority complex in me. I really felt as if I was the only one getting left behind. There were a lot of times when I felt dissatissfied with things. So, first of all, I just want to work hard at catching up with the members, to be able to have that confidence within myself. I’ll be leading a more meaningful life from now on. A way of life with vigour quite different from that of teenage.”

----Because it isn’t adolescence any longer, right?
“Yes! That. Truly that. I feel, that from now on, true human nature will begin to show itself in my way of life. The parts which make up that true nature, per say, will get a little brushed up. Like, ‘even if I go to a cabaret club, I’ll get popular not because of my outward appearance, but for what is within!’. I’ll try to improve myself thoroughly in 2010 so that I can live such a life. Such are my thoughts.”

----You said really good things, but the way you summed up the last part again ended up sounding like a saucy rocker. Is that alright?
“It’s alright (laughs). Of course there’ll be people paying money and dragging themselves because they want to listen to our music, right? They’ll come to the Lives wanting to watch us play. From now on, and not just for 2010, my objective will be to give my last bit to avoid being impolite or disrespectful to those people.”

“That’s because it’s easy to say (laughs).”

----………….. That’s really not true. Although, you do understand and like your fans to that extent.
“Well (laughs). I don’t mean to lie, I just want them to expect those things of me. With that, I’ll get back!”

Ducky's Notes:
1. Aoi~ dear, dear, dear Aoi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ *sends hugs* 
2. I'm really, really not sure about the 'other' part. If someone could comprehend it better, please let me know!!
3. Credit for scans goes to [rawkstarr23 and gazette_daily at LJ]. Much thanks:)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hiroto's blog - 10.04.2010.


In the middle of the journey

I came across 

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom.

At tomorrow's Live too

from the stage, do let me see

your happy faces

blooming, just like the Cherry Blossoms!!


Ducky's Notes:
Ah, Hiroto has such an eye for beautiful photographs~~ I'm going to post all of those beauties now onwards:) As much as i can, atleast:D

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 09.04.2010.



This is a little sudden, but

Do you know what this is????
I'm so attached to it, I ended up feeling like getting one.

So, an anecdote!!!!
Chat with Uruha:
Sakai - "Running these days??"
Uruha - "I want to run but being so busy (I haven't been able to) !!"
Sakai - "It's cold too, isn't it!!!"
Uruha - "Well one warms up if one runs, you know!!!"
Sakai - "I got a runny nose!!!"
Uruha - "You're really slow!!! So, have you been running recently??"
Sakai - "I'll leave that to your imagination."

My will is weak!!!!

On reading Aoi's blog,
I went "Aoi please get together and hold a meeting!!!!!"

Recently, I've been eating nothing but cup noodles!!! (I spoke a bit too much !!)
Lets enjoy drinking Sake again!!
Of course!! I'm asking all of you out for food!!!!

Although I had the pleasure to dine upon sushi a while back,
Sakai - "Today, I'll try to eat as much as Gal Sone!!"
Suji - "All the best!!!"
Sakai - "Kitayorigai, please!!!"
Boss - "Ahahahaha!!"
Sakai - "What are you laughing about---!!!"
Boss - "It's called Hokkigai, not Kitayorigai."
Sakai - "HOMYGOD!!!!! GODA----MN!!!"

It was so embarrassing.

With this and that, bye!!!

Ducky's Notes:
1. The italicized part in Uruha's dialogue about running was implied, he didn't actually say it.
2. Gal Sone is a competitive eater and singer in Japan. Please go here  for more on her~
3. The kanji (characters) for Kitayorigai and Hokkigai are the same. But Kitayori refers to the northern winds and Hokkigai is the Sakhalin surf clam, which Sakai was actually referring to. He probably got confused and mixed them up:D 
4. Sakai actually said 'Oh My God' and 'Goddamn' in english XD

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 06.04.2010.


This is sudden, but speaking in english, this is Ryo Sakai.

What is this-------!! This is meaningless!!

Has Sakai finally lost it?

No no, Sakai might be weird all the time but there aren't any problems!!!

Anecdote 1
I went to the ESP agent with Uruha today.
On our way, in the car:
Uruha - "Did you know that drinking alcohol everyday increases the likelihood of cerebral haemorrhage?"
Sakai - "I didn't know that!! Are you serious??"
Uruha - "Of course I'm serious!! Even I've been abstaining a bit from alcohol!!!"
Sakai - "Are you serious??? Isn't it better to just give up alcohol in such a case???"
Uruha - "Wouldn't it be good if you gave up smoking too?? Smoking isn't all that good either!!"
Sakai - "I thought I was told about that just now!!!"
Uruha - "Smoking!! Give it up!!!"
Sakai - "I think I can't until it is 1000 yen."
Uruha - "You've named your loss!!"
Sakai - "..........."

While we were talking thus, we arrived at Ochanomizu!!
We went through a few random sections of the shop in our search for a guitar.
After an hour, not only had we bought a guitar, we also met up with Mr. Hiroshi Shima from ESP!!!!!!!!
After we looked at the guitars at BigBoss FREAKS MARKET for a while, the salesperson made a request:
Salesperson - "Please give your signature at BigBoss FREAKS MARKET!!"
Uruha - "Sure. Where would it be alright to sign??"
Salesperson - "On that wall!!!!"
Uruha - "Eh!! The wall!!! Is that alright????"
Salesperson - "We got the signature from Aoi too."
Uruha - "Oh!! Seriously!!"
Salesperson - "Could you please!!"
Uruha - "Well here!!!"

Salesperson - "Thank you."

After leaving the shop:
Uruha - "Wasn't it nice that I signed right on top???"
Sakai - "It was fine!!"
Uruha - "That's good isn't it."

What weird thing the two of us ate on our way back shall remain under wraps!!!!
It was definitely red and globular!! And it came with second helpings!!

In order to see Uruha's and Aoi's signatures, GO----- to BigBoss FREAKS MARKET!!

Although this came to mind after watching Aoi's blog,
the earthen pots at my place are also MADE IN MIE----!!
Great---!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

With that, I decide upon Kimchi Nabe for tomorrow!!!

Everybody, there have been rapid changes in temperature recently so be careful about your health!!

With that bye bye bye!!

Ducky's Notes:
Kimchi Nabe is a dish.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 04.04.2010.


This is stuff from the backstage at the Osaka Final, while everybody was around.

Anecdote 1
I was walking around backstage at ZAPP OSAKA when I discovered strawberries!!

I had them with ample of condensed milk poured onto them.
It was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed it.

Anecdote 2
At the time of the Final, during rehearsals, Suji and me were watching the rehearsals from the seats, and after a song got over, Aoi turned our way and threw his pick at us.

....think about it!! Isn't Aoi's pick black!!!
We had no idea where the pick, thrown ever so kindly at us, had gone off to, so Suji and me launched a desperate search for it in the Hall, going "SPECS!!??specs!!??" all the while!!
And finally, I found it!!

Though a part of me would like to have this thought of as a "Present to the Most Famous", the honest me knows I have no right to do so.
With such feelings, I'm going to treasure this as a keepsake!! (What was that all about?)

Anecdote 3
An incident that happened when we were returning to Tokyo after the Final too was over!!
The much talked-about "Koron"

When we were returning by car, 
Koron went barking at me with abandon,
but when Ruki held him to himself, he stopped barking immediately, and was soon sleeping in Ruki's arms!!!
As expected, Ruki!!

I'm certainly hated by Reita's Keiji and Ruki's Koron. Sobsob!!!

With such and such, see you again tomorrow!!!!! Bye Bye

Ducky's Notes:
1. Sakai actually did write 'ZAPP' instead of 'ZEPP', so i let it be as such, because i like to keep things as close to the original as possible so everybody can get a feel of what the real thing is like :)
2. We finally have proof, people, that Ruki does, in fact, own a pink bag for Koron :D  All those wonderful fan-fiction pieces are coming back to me now :D

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hiroto's blog - 03.04.2010.


The pictures I've been publishing in my blog recently

Why do I keep taking them?

I've been asked those questions, but

I don't even have

 a good camera

a photograph is

a record

of that


The moment I feel

well, this is now

I don't mind using even my mobile phone's camera then

even a normal camera is fine

It's just about

recording that moment

even the sounds

I want to treasure

the aura I that I experienced

at that "moment"

Even if the picture quality isn't good

even though the equipment isn't good

something that reflects in my eyes

something that I can hear with my ears

Anything is fine as long as it resonates with my heart.


Ducky's Notes:
1. Hiroto, oh dear little Hiroto, dear cute little sensitive Hiroto~~~~ *sends hugs*
2. Go here  for the original post~

Shou's blog - 03.04.2010.

Relaxation Time

Hotels in this area normally have pre-installed humidifiers,

and i warmed up by having a long bath and making hot milk tea with ginger for myself,

and am now relaxing by falling asleep while reading.

Since I like to have everybody smiling and laughing at the Lives,

I feel scared of the chills or even the slightest bit of sluggishness in myself.

Here's to breaking through the chill and to be able to sing nice songs tomorrow also.

Gunai* (goodnight)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Sakai's blog - 02.04.2010.



Thank you for being a part of the onslaught at Osaka.

We were able to peacefully and successfully wrap up the tour THE END OF STILLNESS only with the help of all you people who attended those onslaughts, also the ones who couldn't attend this time but extended their 'power' to the Gazette and of course all the Staff.
My most sincere thanks to all of you.

Also, thanks to the members of the GazettE for having put in all their passion, courage and love.

Have all of you seen the Advertising Video or the HP yet??
The fireworks were expected, weren't they!!!!!!!
I've already watched it about 30 times and got goosebumps.

'Tremble with anticipation' already, even though the GazettE  will start recording only now!!
Let's get ready to go wild for the TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS July onwards!!!
Let's share the nameless liberty among ourselves!!!

Let's create legends with the GazettE this year too!!!!!!!!!!
You guys, lose yourselves to the magic of the GazettE!!!!!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Shou's blog - 01.04.2010.

This is sweet....

April Fool's Day last year was a success, with stuff such as

"I'm not doing the One Man (show)."


"I don't like Alice Nine anymore."

in my mails, but this time it was


I'm just a wee little bit sad about it, though (whispers)

Deluhi's blog - 01.04.2010.


Today is known as April Fool's Day, isn't it?

It's like a day when it's alright to lie.

Even if that is what it is called...

So did you lie to your friends or something?

It's actually rather sad, how one tends to think of even such days as no different, when one is so rushed, day after day.

Well, to each his own, right?

Oh and by the way, i got a crew cut~


Neo Genesis - Volume 44 - Personal Interview


“Back in the old days, I didn’t like music”. Uruha, talking in brief about his history as a guitarist, from such an extraordinary past to his journey to the present. High on motivation ever since having held a guitar in Middle School, going to the extent of saying “I like devoting myself to learning” and holding an almost greedy spirit of enquiry when it comes to music. Let us introduce intriguing chapters from the life of one of the key persons sustaining the unique musical works by the GazettE.

----When was your first time with a guitar?
“The first time I held a guitar was in Middle School. It was the era of the ‘Band Boom’…… If I’m not mistaken, a friend of mine in the 2nd year of Middle School had a guitar, and he came home to show it to me. He even had a tiny amplifier and an effector, and at the time, it was quite unusual to have someone who had all those things. He played the Intro to some song, and I went “Wow!”. He let me play too, and it was so much fun.”

----On the contrary, was there never a time before that when you felt like trying out a guitar?
“Never ever. Either way, I hated music. Though I normally used to listen to those J-POP songs playing in Hit Charts on the television…… But I hated music classes. There aren’t many chances for people, other than the ones going for music classes, to lay their hands upon any instruments, like a recorder or a piano, are there? Anyway, I hated that…… According to me, band music was what such music wasn’t, and I felt that to be just the right thing for me…… A place where there were no rules.”

----(laughs) ‘A place where there are no rules’ does express a lot of what the charm of rock bands is. One feels absolutely free.
“That’s right. Whichever way one puts it, I hate being ‘made to’ do things, no matter what. I used to play soccer too…… I think the trigger for why I started was also that my parents made me go in for sports. Because one could learn a lot through sports. And I myself started enjoying it, somewhat, as I continued with it…… I suppose my ‘My Pace’ self came around from that point onwards? Having to go for practice at fixed timings used to seem oppressive to me and because I couldn’t do anything to change that, I couldn’t really immerse myself into it. But that wasn’t the case with things I liked, games or manga, for example, and ever since the old days, I was the type who could get lost in them. To that ‘me’, bands felt like the ultimate ‘real’ things, you know.”

----So, for you, a band or a guitar was, one way or the other, something to plunge into, with all one’s heart and soul. When did you get your own guitar?
“There are these bands performing at school Cultural Fests, aren’t there? For some reason, I had SUGIZO’s model bought for me. When I talk to my parents about that time, it seems they were probably thinking on the lines of “He’s going to lose interest anyway.” (laughs). But I think I worried my parents a little, when I didn’t return to soccer after that, and completely immersed myself into this, because I was taking a plunge into a world where even making a living seemed so difficult.”

----Taking the guitar seriously must’ve been inevitable for you then, even if it just meant relieving your parents’ worry.
“Yes. I practiced real hard after that. For example, when there are two people, one can see how each sound rapidly changes over time, isn’t it? I got really passionate about reproducing the sounds of the bands I was practising, at the time, when I started. Even for my Daily Time (time for letting the guitar sounds reverberate, using the effector), since the cheaper effector I bought with my limited means wasn’t good enough to reproduce those sounds properly, I worked part time and bought something that matched those standards and then tried it out. (There were) things which I wasn’t able to understand in the beginning when I listened to them just once, but by listening to them more thoroughly, and looking at the score sheets, I would eventually feel, “Is this how it is……” and then actually trying it out, and going “Really!” used to be a lot of fun.”

----There’s a lot of variety even among those effectors…… There really seems to be no stopping once one starts looking for different ways to produce sounds.
“Right right. I used to like researching and devotedly learning about things since the beginning. I could be considered almost a maniac, actually…… Particularly in bands with two guitarists, identification isn’t difficult even with the sounds flowing so smoothly, isn’t it? Because there are differences even in the complications in their individual sounds. When I listen to them, I feel, “This is so heavy with emotions!”. When I feel, “This person wants to attempt such and such”, I like it when I listen to them and see their emotions conveyed well.”

----Do you think that spirit of inquiry, or even that maniacal disposition, is still present in your style?
“Aah…… For example, aren’t guitar solos the easiest to listen to and decipher? Even I used to find that quite cool in the beginning, but still, what I like are those exceptional parts. Mostly, they are the ones which make me feel how cool they are. Those are the parts which “talk” to me.”

----Aah. The guitar “talks”. That again is such a typically guitarist-esque expression (laughs).
“(laughs) It is as if it’s, talking~ But it’s no good having such a thing, you know. I still think that even if the fa├žade isn’t flashy, a guitar which can express the significance of a song well, is admirable.”

----What is your basis for selecting the equipment in order to express “the significance of a song”?
“Whatever the song signifies…… I think the guitar isn’t all that important here, if the digital sounds are primary. But a band is not formed of those, so one has to consider how far a guitar can go for expressing (something). I feel, that though there is a limit to how much one can express through a guitar, that level is upto oneself to decide. So I use whatever equipment is available to us as of now, and search for something that comes closest to whatever image I hold in my mind. Of course, my own guitar that I mainly use is always there. My model guitar too. I have a method, where in the initial stages of making a song, I test a lot of tones in the instrumentation area, irrespective of their makers, and then I finally try to replicate those sounds with my own guitar. Afterall, at a Live, one can’t rely upon anything but one’s own guitar playing.”

----So, your secret strategy is to first check out all sorts of things, without holding any opinions in mind.
“ Yeah, rather than not holding any opinions, I think it’s more on the lines of trying out a wide variety of things without holding any prejudices in my mind. At the end of the day, it’s just like an urge to keep wanting to know more and more about what one likes, right till the end.”

Ducky's Notes: 
1. Uruha's way of speaking is so gentle, it makes me want to hug him. But all that vagueness doesn't bode too well for a translation now, does it? I'm sorry about all the errors that might have crept in, though i tried my best to keep it as close to the real thing as possible. Do let me know if you spot any gaping mis-translations :) 
2. Credit for the scans goes to [rawkstarr23 and gazette_daily at LJ]. Thanks a lot!