Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kazuki's blog - 04.07.2010.



Aoi sponsored BBQ!

Went with everybody!

Ate delicious meat, ate roasted meat, ate almost fresh meat (laughs)

It was absolute fun!

When I was taking a dive with everybody, the sandal I was wearing (right) went missing (laughs)

Tokyo Bay...

Came back home barefoot, by car (laughs)

Next, Satomi's spectacles (which were on my head) also went missing.

I'll be heading to Tokyo Bay to look for them now.

Not at all (laughs)

I'll make adequate compensations!

I took photographs as souvenirs of this fulfilling day, with my digital camera!

Thank you!


  1. Thank you for translating!
    Looks like they having so much fun and aoi spend alot of time with screw members than his own members ^^

  2. Aoi invited the GazettE members to his home yesterday:) I guess he's just enjoying the summer:D

    Thank you leaving a reply!

  3. Awww that's one of the cutest blog entries I have read(> <)o Kazuki is so cute, I love him <3

    Thanks for translating ^^ Is good to see they are enjoying the summer~

  4. So adorable, thank you :)
    It's hard to post a comment here, the LJ OpenID doesn't working D:

  5. @Anonymous:
    They sure seem to be enjoying:) Kazuki is cute:)
    Thanks for replying!

    Aww, i wonder what's wrong with the OpenID~~ Hope it gets fixed soon! The Google ID seems to be working fine for me..maybe that could be given a try?
    Thank you for dropping in a word here!