Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Kazuki's blog - 14.07.2010.



Thanks to Lewis, my name has changed to Kazuo (laughs)
Once again, this is Kazuo.
If someone calls me Kazuo, I'll throw my guitar away.
Everybody, take note~.

Had Chinese fried-rice some time back.
At a Kushiage shop (laughs)
I got it made specially for myself!
How could I, being so good at rice, lose to this?

Yesterday was Kushiage.

And then...

Today is Kushiage again.

But it's absolutely delicious!

And now it's a Darts Showdown again today.

Silver Kazuki.
Black Aoi.

Today, I have new darts!

Aren't they cool?
They're my treasure!

I just realized.
I don't think I can win against Aoi (laughs)
His power of absorption is too much!

Nobody agrees to be my teacher~
I thought I wanted a Darts Machine at home, you know.
It's for about 3 million yen it seems.

...Umm, I'll let it pass (laughs)

For now, I just want to say this to everybody.
Darts are Awful.

Ducky's Notes:
1. I'm grinning real wide over here, can you tell? ^_______________________^
2. If i'm not mistaken, Aoi was out having Kushiage at 2 in the morning the other day, wasn't he? 
3. If i'm not mistaken again, this particular Darts match went on till almost 6 in the morning, didn't it?
4. You guys, romance away:D We're lovin' it ♥ :D


  1. You're most welcome!
    I didn't think anybody was even reading these posts anyway, hehe :D
    Thanks for replying!

  2. hi im paradoxicangel
    wont be bothered ti sign into LJ though
    so im just commenting like this

    an all nighter dart contest XD
    these guys are... LOL XD

    oh look its MAKING me sign in,.. lol

  3. Blogger has a brain of it's own!!!!! LOL
    Thank you for replying, despite the trouble, dear :D
    And the two are definitely cuteness overload ♥

  4. Thank you for translating!
    I guess Aoi not lonely anymore now that he spent more time with kazuki^^

  5. This had me grinning like an idiot for... wait, I'm still grinning :D

    Awww~ Kazuki is undoubtedly an Aoi fanboy, I can tell :3, this makes me sooo happy <3

    Thanks for translating ^^

    BTW, I'm cerisenoir_lk from lj ^^"

  6. Thank you so much for these translations. With my google translater, nothing in japanese makes sense...even after its translated to english >.< Please continue to do these. Especially for Kazuki ^_^ and Gazette

  7. He was with Aoi from Gazette?

  8. kazuki's just like a mischievous kid who loves to play, an elder kid! lol
    so cute there~
    thanks for translation!