Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shou's blog - 20.06.2010.

Song Recording now

Recently there are people who make it a point to use 'now', isn't it.

Wonder who used it for the first time...

It's an aggressive song today so I'll work hard with motivation.
The melon I'm delicious(^^)/

Ducky's Notes:
The word Shou is talking about is 'nau'. Everybody seems to be ending their sentences with that word lately. It means something like 'in' or 'trendy' or 'now', or 'to do something'. Mostly just a stress at the end of the sentence, i suppose. If you know more, tell me!


  1. I think you're right :)
    In Ameblo there's this function なうを見る right?

    ~Is Shou following the trend なう?~ =)))

  2. Do the Ameba 'nau' and the other 'nau' mean the same thing? I'm yet to figure out what the Ameba 'nau' really means....i'm all new and lost there.. Does it mean to watch what others have recently been doing?
    Maybe 'nau' actually started from Ameba, who knows~
    Hehe..maybe Shou is~~ :D
    Thanks for replying, dear!

    I hope that will clear things up ^^

    Thanks for translating!

  4. Oh! That definitely cleared things up for me:) I wasn't too far away from the actual sense of the word then:) That it is a Twitter thing was new to me, though! Thank you so much!! That website has gone under my bookmarks:D Is it yours, by any chance?

  5. I read the website too, so なう I understand the なうcraze ^^ Really, Japanese loves to make things more difficult...
    Thanks ya!

    And I noticed Aoi also has been dragged to the なう....spamming his spams with なうs here and there ^^;

    And Miss Ducky, I'm also quite lost at Ameba T_T
    There are so many functions!
    The なうを見る is basically that blogger's status update ya? Like Facebook.
    You can Follow his status too. And can read all the status updates all the way from his first ones.
    That's all I managed to find out after clicking here and there, got lost, back, and lost again.... T_T
    If you know anything, please tell me ^ ^