Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hiroto's blog - 15.07.2010.

-Day 2 Over!!!-

The 2-day-long at Sapporo is also over!!!

Both the days also went by, after all!!!

The northern land was hotter since last year!!!

We were received very well.

Thank You!!

Will come meet you again!!

It was 2 days of capturing sensations.

And it's the first Hakodate LIVE today!!!!!!!!!

Hakodate, which will appear in the photo-collection from now on!!!!!!

The LIVE which is the realization of my most earnest desires!!!!!!!!!

Please be good to us!!!!!!!

To a hot night!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh, God, those pictures... are so awesome.

    Hiroto himslef is awesome O___O

    Thanks a lot for translating ^^

    - cerisenoir_lk from lj -

  2. Wow, that last picture is amazing.
    The one of someone's head... not so much, haha.