Monday, 22 March 2010

Sakai's blog - 20.03.2010.


Thank you for being there at the blitz in Sapporo.
With the snowfall at Sapporo yesterday, it was devilishly cold!!
But ZEPP Sapporo was on fire, wasn't it!!!!!
Thank you so much.

The snow is somewhat visible, right----!!!!

Here's an anecdote!!
Sudden interview with Reita right before curtains!!
Sakai - "Reita, it's almost time to go to the stage-wings!!"
Reita - "Wait a bit!! Let me get just this phrase confirmed!!"
Sakai - "Arright."
After a 2 minute wait
Reita - "The time has come!!!!"
Sakai - "O--------------!!!"

He's totally motivated.
A quick photograph Reita's pick right before curtains!!!

With high motivation for tomorrow's Sendai too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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