Tuesday, 16 March 2010

RyonRyon's blog - 07.03.2010.


the GazettE tour

The tour started. Went to the LIVE of the GazettE~~

The vocalist Ruki <3 This is his look right before the LIVE*

I guess it's a strange thing to feel thankful for, for having been given the 'OK' for clicking a photo in such a pose* 
The eye colour today was pink glitters.
Truly, Ruki is the sort of man on whom pink also looks good.
It's the same venue tomorrow (Shinkiba Studio Coast) for the 2-day LIVE.

It's good it's good.
The GazettE are at a stage where they burn out the LIVEs one after the other.
They dance, they move, they bang their heads, they move their backs, they sing, they scream
and they energetically fascinate the fans.
Were i to copy them for 10 minutes, an ambulance would have  to be called for x_x phew x_x

Their appearance was good today too~

Because Ruki is such a kind and thoughtful person, (because such a student is cute) :D, 
and though he does crack the loving whip(1), he keeps walking around the backstage happily, taking care of things~ <3 <3

Do your best tomorrow too, Ruki <3

I always feel happy to have such a loyal reader of my blog :D
Thanks Ruki*

Ducky's Notes : 
(1) From what i gather, this basically refers to being strict but in a loving way keeping everybody's welfare in mind.


  1. Pink Ruki *uahhhhh*
    Very nice! *saves* <3

  2. aww ruki so cute with pink (n_n)p