Friday, 19 March 2010

Sakai's blog - 18.03.2010.


Many thanks for ZEPP TOKYO!!!

According to what i announced earlier,
Anyone up for a game of hanaichimonme sometime?

A short story:
I have been video-taping the LIVES regularly, as usual.
I was writing down the name of the venue on the tape, when..
Kai - "What are you doing?"
Sakai - "Writing down the venue's name."
Kai - "It's difficult isn't it?"
Sakai - "It's easy for me!!"
Kai - "What are you writing??"
Sakai - "I'm writing ZEEP TOKYO!!"
Kai - "That's a car!!"
Sakai - "What???"
Kai - "ZEEP!!!!!"
Sakai - "I made a mistake, didn't I-----!! Please don't mind!!!"

I did it on purpose!!!! (sweatsweatsweat)

Today ZEPP also burnt out, didn't it!!! Hats off!!!!!
The style of head-banging gave me the jitters!!!!!
That's what a LIVE should be like!!!!

Sapporo is next!!!! I suppose Hokkaido is still cold?
To all the members--Please don't catch a cold, misters!!!!
Everyone also take care of yourselves!!!!

With that-b-bye!!!

Ducky's Notes:
Hanaichimonme is a game where the players divide themselves into two teams and play janken (rock-paper-scissors) to a simple chant. More about this is here:

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