Sunday, 6 June 2010

Uruha's blog - 06.06.2010.


My Companion

Recently,,,this has been launched and remarkably, I've left FRISK.

While moving, while jogging, even when I'm playing the guitar...

Maybe because it looks too stylish for a gum~?  The taste is fairly good too... .

Before I knew it, it became a regular article

Ducky's Notes:
1. I don't have any excuses any more x_x. [doiha_lolita@lj] posted the raws and the temptation was too much......
2. Thanks to [doiha_lolita@lj] for the raws, of course :)
3. His entry ends kind of abruptly, don't you think? Not even a full-stop,hehe :D 


  1. HA!!!! I knew this was right!!!!

    Thanks girlie!!

    He's left frisk for Stride AWWWWWWWWW!!!!

    Leave it to ducky to blog about gum of course XDDDD

  2. Thank you^^

    I read your blog regularly, I don't know why I never said it before D:
    Thank you very very much!!!

  3. @venus_doom74:
    He's so adorably analyzing the reasons why he might have left FRISK. Its okay Kou, i'm sure FRISK won't mind too much and will be alright~ ♥

    Most welcome!
    Wheeee you do!! It's alright:D You commented today and made so happy!!

  4. omg. thank youussssss!!! he's like some gum addict. haha.

  5. Haha XD At least this is not as harmful as his /other/ addiction :D
    Thank you for replying :D

  6. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee~~ this blog xDDD
    it is now part of "my favourites"


  7. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! *dies*
    Thank you!!!!

  8. "Maybe because it looks too stylish for a gum"
    i agree
    XD XD

  9. He's so totally falling for a mere marketing gimmick, like a child. And he's turning 29 in 3 days XD
    Gotta love his cluelessness ♥

  10. excuse me, may I know what is Uruha's blog address (URL)
    hope you'll answer this, thank you very much before. :)

  11. thanks again for another awsome translation...
    would you translate this too pleasE?

  12. Woah! Again, another amazing translation you posted!! I, as an Uruha's fan, really am indebted to you!!!! :)
    ~Thank you so much for this one. And thanks to doiha_lolita too~

    And happy birthday Uruha!

  13. @Anonymous:
    I don't know.... Like i mentioned up there, i'm not a Heresy member~ doiha_lolita posted the raws and i translated them..
    Thank you for commenting:)

    Most welcome:)
    I'm..sorry..i'm already replying so late here, and i've been a bit busy.. My apologies~
    Thanks for commenting, though:)

    Heehee :D I'm an Uruha fan too so it's just spreading the ~Love~, no worries :D
    Thank you for replying here!

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  15. Umm.... Click 'The Invisible Wall' under the 'Links' section on the right-hand side of this page..

    And thank you for visiting and replying here!

  16. I joined to that journal, my friend too, but we can't see anything there.

  17. Uh oh.. You need to be a friend to view that journal. You can add the journal here-->

    Hope it works now!

  18. Already did it, but I think I need to be added back because is a regular journal and not a community.

    Anyway thanks for help.

  19. dam... I luv that gum.. XD... weird feelings of happiness.. so hard to describe XD.... thank you!!! [ and I thought that Uru stopped writing blong... guess I was wrong...o0]

  20. Well...either gum or Cigarettes. I'm glad he choose gum ^^

  21. hi, Ussan fan here as well, thanks for translating, also send my many many thanks to doiha_lolita for the raw. I sure all of us non-Heresy fans are indebt for your awesomeness...thanks again!!!