Friday, 4 June 2010

Ruki's blog - 03.06.2010.


Good grief! You all got really anxious, didn’t you! (laughs)

Why on earth do you think so negatively?

You don’t quite know what sort of a band we are, do you.

And still you most certainly entertained unpleasant thoughts about us.
Well I’ve done that in the past too.

In any case, though I can’t be sure about what I just mentioned, we as theGazettE feel infuriated. And I never thought I could get this enraged after having grown old (laughs).

I am confident that you will find it absurd to have been so anxious.
Please be at ease.

Indeed, you absolutely belittle us!

And if you’re still uneasy about this, it would be better if you could attend the Lives.

And now, you must apologise to the members. Say “I’m sorry for having treated theGazettE with such contempt.”
Reassess your thoughts and wait for us, will you?
Do convey this to those kids too who can’t see this.

That would be all, for now.

Thank you for your varying thoughts about us." 

Ducky's Notes:
1. Still not a Heresy member. Therefore, not quite sure about the legality of this post. Don't kill me please x__x 
2. Thank you, dear partner in crime [doiha_lolita@lj], for the raws :D


  1. This was a shocking post.

    I want to hug him.

  2. Yeah, same here.. It really shook them up to see all those reactions, didn't it. Not that I blame them, I actually understand Ruki's anger *sighs*

    Thank you so much for translating + sharing the entries with us! <3

    I only found this blog yesterday and I'm really glad to see some statements from the band about this issue. >__<

    *adds you to her bookmarks* :3

  3. I think he´s talking about the rumors on Wikipedia? Right?

  4. @Naoko:
    Well his anger is what i actually find shocking. And unreasonable. But that's just me, i'm sure.
    Thank you for commenting~

    I'm not sure what reactions he's talking about..the ones after the Wikipedia rumour or the ones after his last 'angry' post. And blame me, but i don't see why he's getting so flustered. They /are/ associating with an anime now, aren't they? Then what was the last post about? And seriously, what's with all the "Apologize to the GazettE because your disrespect has angered us"! Anyway, those are are just my views, i guess.
    Thanks for commenting here, Anon!*Yays for the bookmark* :D

    I'm not sure myself, and i didn't find anything amiss when i checked their Wiki page. It was probably edited by the time i checked >_<

  5. I thought he was talking about the reactions to his last post.. but you could be right, the ones on the Wiki rumours are possible as well.

    They are associating, yeah, but I think Ruki's disappointed cause so many people apparently thought that would change the band's image completely or make them go in another direction, genre-wise. He himself said that the song isn't made to fit the anime, it's still a Gazette song and nothing custom-made.
    Now the other thing everyone is worried about is anime fans joining the fandom - which I've got mixed feelings about too.. but I don't judge it as some ultimate evil or something. It's as he said in his last post - as long as they attend the lives for Gazette and the music they make, it's alright isn't it?

    I get it as he seems to be very disappointed..
    Also, I can't take the last part about apologising really seriously. ^^;;

    (now my comment turned into almost-spam, sorry XD)

  6. I read about in on a LJ:

    This in the wiki

    On March of 2010, the band embarked on "THE END OF STILLNESS" fan club only tour. [14]

    After the fanclub tour, the band then announced another single that would be released on July 21, 2010 and a live tour, which is named "TOUR10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS" starting in August.[15] They will also release a DVD with the band's nine promotional videos (PVs) and a new PV of their new song, also out in July; bringing the number of PVs on the new DVD (aptly titled FILM BUG II) to ten. Also at the end of tour PS company announced that two band members will get married.

    But yes, they have edited the entry.

  7. "He himself said that the song isn't made to fit the anime, it's still a Gazette song and nothing custom-made. Now the other thing everyone is worried about is anime fans joining the fandom"

    Uh, now I understand his reaction.
    Thanks for the information. :)

  8. @Aichi To quote from yesterday's post:
    "What I want everybody to not have any misunderstandings about is the fact that it is not a song made to match an anime.

    I have said so a number of times even in interviews and such, I absolutely will not, and cannot make songs or write lyrics in this fashion.

    All of you always end up having misunderstandings about this, don’t you?"

    That's what he wrote ^^ the thing about anime fans joining the fandom is my own opinion on some reactions I've seen in the fanbase up to now.. I understand their concern and all, but I also share Ruki's view on the "new fans".
    If they're in for the music and not just something "fancy they've heard in an anime opening", I'm cool with it.

  9. A lot of people reacted negatively when they heard that the GazettE's song will be used as an anime opening theme. And I guess, many people send them fanmails regarding this.

    Some fans were worried what kind of "new fans" are they going to attract after the single being released and being used in an anime. Being an otaku is negatively seen in Japan.

    I just feel for Ruki~ *hugs* I just wish people would stop making speculations on how they should sound. Ever since they've released DIM album, people were kinda expecting them to stay on that kind of music, heavier and darker.

    Honestly, the new single "Shiver" sound like their old songs~ And I like it. XD

    And thank you for the this. ^^

  10. @Anonymous:
    Exactly! He himself said how theGazettE can't be bracketed into any particular genre, so what's to be worried about checking out another genre? Whether or not the song will be liked depends from person to person, so like he said, they should continue to be true to themselves and make the music they like, and the fans will always support them, despite not being particularly fond of a few songs.
    And about the new fans, we can't stop people from liking a particular band, can we? We can just hope the style of the band itself doesn't change too much just because their listeners have changed.
    And no Anon, you were not spamming. Thank you for sharing your views and reading mine :)

    Oh thaaaat rumour:D Haha XD But that was sort of obvious, wasn't it? Such news couldn't possibly be suddenly on English Wiki without a single mention of it by the members themselves or PSC, hehe :D Thanks for letting me know!

    I see! I didn't know about the otaku situation. I honestly thought the Japanese people were rather proud of their otaku tendencies. Now this makes sense. So Ruki, more than anything else, is worried about the 'image' of the band, and doesn't want the 'anime' tag attached to it just because of a few collaborations.
    DIM was wonderful, but the GazettE have never stuck to one kind of music, why would they do so now? Besides, how can the existing fans decide who else joins the fandom? But this too, makes sense now. The whole 'otaku' question. Ah well, the GazettE don't need to worry. All bands have a variety of fans, ranging from the serious ones, to the crazy ones, the hardcore ones, the casual ones..... If they continue doing what they know they do best, i'm sure they'll continue to have the support of a very strong fan-base.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here, Anon :D

  11. @Alien Ducky
    Completely agreed. ^^ And I don't think their style will change that much just because there's a new part to their fanbase.. They've been doing their own thing all these years, let's hope it'll stay that way for a long time. ^^

    @other Anon XD
    I always thought this otakus being seen negatively was a rumour.. but things makes sense then, I guess. o_o Thanks for the info. ^^

    And I missed the preview for Shiver I've seen up on LJ D: YT already took it down. So it sounds more like the old days?

  12. Yes, sadly otakus in Japan are seen negatively. I have cosplay friends who said that you can't cosplay around freely, you're only allowed to roam in the convention centers and only if there is a convention. Most people in Japan will look at you negatively.

    @Alien Ducky: I think Ruki doesn't mind if they get a few otaku fans but I guess he doesn't want the band's image to be associated entirely with anime just because of a few collaborations like you said since there are bands who really aim for their song to be used as an opening or ending song in an anime. I guess, he doesnt want to be seen like that. That they are making this song specifically for this anime.

    Well, I guess there are fans that are just 'possessive' with GazettE and they dont really want the band to have more fans since I think they're already big enough nowadays. And I think, some fans are concerned that GazettE's 'new fans' are only they're fans because of their looks and not really their music. And you're right, fans cant really decide for GazettE on what they should do. Even themselves don't really know what specific kind of band they are. I'm just happy for them that they continue sharing their talents in music. ^^

    @other Anon too~ XD
    Like I said above, mostly otakus are seen negatively. That's why some otaku cosplayers cover themselves with heavy make up so that they wont get recognize. >.<

    Yeah, I checked YT and no one has uploaded it again. XDD I guess, YT keeps on removing it. Well, it's an audio preview. Anyway, if you want to hear it you can visit here: They've used it here. But you just have to crank the volume up since you can here the voices in the anime since this is a 15secs preview of the anime.

  13. thanks for your share on this and for all of your hardwork.

    I'd like to ask permission for this link to be linked on ruki_daily community? If that is OK.

    My sentiments on this. I really feel sad on this and so as annoyed with those who have complained. At first when I heard of the rumor and saw on some blogs who are not happy about this being for an anime I got annoyed because why they are not happy on it. And then after it Ruki's post previous to that, I send a mail telling that there are fans out there who supports them and is excited with this move. I for one am really excited for this. I got really mind-fucked. I was hyper for 2 days straight and that is not fun. Anyhow, music should be enjoyed irregardless of the genre. They are not selling out for one and being labeled as commercial is not a bad thing. Music has its business side too and they are doing what they love to do and add what they are being paid for it as well. As for the otakus, fans are fans we shouldn't be labeling each other. I am just saddened that it have to go to this that they'd explain theirselves. Not just Ruki but Kai and Reita. They shouldn't for one. I really don't much care of what others think of them. What matters most for me is how I feel on them. And I really enjoy their music and I wish to see their lives one day.

  14. Yeah, i'm fine with that. (I'm sure you've already posted the link there, i'm replying so shamefully late)~
    I agree, music should be enjoyed for just that, the music, and not for the fans or the genre. One can only hope, though, that such a controversy would not affect the band too much, and that they would continue doing what they do so well :D
    Thank you so much for replying and sharing your thoughts here :)

  15. I actually didn't post it. I would like to ask permission before I link your site. Out of courtesy and respect to your site and to you as well with your hardwork :) Though thank you for giving me permission. And its ok if its late what matters most is that you replied.

    If you have LJ you can join us there! :D

    I think they aren't as affected as we fans are. There are some really fans who went batshit over this. IDK why its an issue for them having an anime theme. Most of them are afraid of the people that would come on their lives now. IDK why they're scared and irritated of the otakus. LOL

    You're welcome and thank you too for the permission.

  16. I do have LJ and i'm already there, LOL :D

  17. Wait what? Two gazetter members are getting MARRIED?

  18. poor ruki *hugs him*
    Thank you for translating...