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Ruki's blog - 30.05.2010.


I got all sorts of mail.
Since the old days, I have always intended to answer all the messages from the fans even if it makes me uneasy, because that’s the way I am.
Well, even though I keep saying this at Lives too.

So, even though what I write henceforth is written keeping in mind only a section of the fans, please go on reading what I have to say.
First of all, about the tie-up with the single.

Since I think the songs cannot be listened to with a good feeling if there are such weird preconceptions about them, I want to say something now.

The first anime tie-up as theGazettE.

I got to hear the story about how we wanted to use an existing song as an opening track.

First of all, this.

What I want everybody to not have any misunderstandings about is the fact that it is not a song made to match an anime.

I have said so a number of times even in interviews and such, I absolutely will not, and cannot make songs or write lyrics in this fashion.

All of you always end up having misunderstandings about this, don’t you?

Though everybody talks about theGazette’s worldview, can one bracket all the songs, from the time of our formation uptil now, under one description?

I really can’t.

That’s because they are all really varied.

There aren’t just HEAVY songs, but also POP ones.

That’s how we like it too, you know.

So we have nothing to do with anime, and it’s just another dimension of music, you see.
We’ll be extremely honoured if this could be taken seriously.
What will it be like when they do combine? It’s also something to look forward to.

Next, there are also people telling us not to turn into a commercial band, but this is a foolish question.

I’m not about to go and make amends to theGazettE from it’s beginnings.

I’m human too, so with age my thoughts change too, and there is a part of me that grows into an adult.

What doesn’t change, what cannot change, is that we will play the music we want to play.

This is the truth.

Whether or not you believe this is up to your discretion.

I’d request the ones who cannot believe this to please study the personalities of all the members from scratch.


I’m not writing this because I want you to agree, but because I want you to understand. Just all of you.

Then again, if the anime fans come to the Lives, then the atmosphere of the Lives…even though there are people they want to watch, it’s just nothing more than the usual bias.
What’ll you do if we too turn up the other way round?

Isn’t this thought also related to the quarrels among fans?

Visual Kei, which continues to be the object of prejudice, can lash out and wreck that narrow-minded outlook with it’s music, but what can one do if the fans themselves are prejudiced against somebody in the same way?

As long as you come to the Lives because you’re fans of the GazettE, anybody is welcome.

It’ll be nice if you could embrace us.

We don’t approach you, you know.

This is what I think.

This is the charm of Visual Kei that I’m in love with.

Visual Kei is life, isn’t it?

Having watched this in hide san’s video, I work at the band with that carved into my heart.

I don’t want to forget the feeling of the time when we were mere band-kids.

That attitude towards fans has not changed.

I just want to keep doing what I want to do now onwards too.

Though this turned out to be such a long and disturbing post, I’ll end now.

Thank you for having read this.
Keep looking forward to a lot of things.”


"Why such stylish gestures…

My insides tremble even now.

How are you Ryuichi san…

I’ve lost my heart to his kindness in inviting me to a meal every once in a while."

Ducky's Notes:
1. I know i'm not a Heresy member (yet) but i guess this needed to be done so that more people could read what Ruki had to say. No bad blood intended :D
2. Woohoo~~ Stern chibi, eh?
3. Ruki was referring to Ryuichi Kawamura, the lead singer of LUNA SEA. I guess. Because he was apparently drooling over the LUNA SEA picture he posted :D
4. Credit for the raws goes to [doiha_lolita@lj]. Thanks a ton!!


  1. Thank you so much for translating this!

    I can really understand what Ruki's trying to say here. Poor guy must be so frustrated :/

  2. really thank you for these..
    i totally understand what Ruki wanna say, and i'm rly glad that he posted about this theme coz somebody really need to stop messing up wiki..

  3. Woww Thanks for translate this!!

    Poor Ruki-san
    You still have many million of fans!!
    Fans who will support you guys forever!! T3T
    So You're the best!!
    PS: Someone gives me the link to this blog Thanks for you again!

  4. wah
    first of all, thank you for translating this.
    Can I translate this to portuguese and post on my blog please?
    with credits of course!

    and then...
    I'm really glad that Ruki finally made this kind of post.
    I think some fans need to understand some things, that hey won't believe if we, other fans, try to explain... they need to hear/read from one of the band members... so here is it! my long expected post!
    I' really so glad
    hoppefully they'll understand the band better from now on... right?

    and then again... thanks for this wonderful translation <3

  5. Oh Ruki, he really needn't worry about this... I wish he knew. But it's so sweet that he can't help it. And it shows that he really knows more about what happens within the fandom that we can imagine.

    Thank you, thank you for this post!

  6. Wow.

    I can understand how Ruki feels. I'm kind of speechless at the moment.

    Thank you for translating.

  7. @xenocia:
    You're most welcome :D
    And he did make quite a quick comeback, didn't he..despite all his frustration XD
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    You're welcome:D
    I couldn't spot the 'wrong information' part on Wiki when i checked so i'm not sure what got him so flustered, but it's good that he's addressed the problem directly. Saves us a lot of confusion:D
    Thanks for commenting, Anon!

    You're welcome:D
    Yes, they do have millions of fans who are interested purely in their music and not just their commercial tie-ups or changes or variations in their style, because we trust them enough to come up with something wonderful every time. Hope he knows this too~
    Thanks a lot for your comment!

    You're most welcome:D
    Sure! By all means translate this to Portuguese! Do mention this blog somewhere too, if you like, so that people who might want this in English can read it too:D
    And i agree, i guess something straight from the band members should finally quieten those fans who do things to get them so ruffled.
    Thanks a lot for your comment!

    You're most welcome :D
    Heehee^^ He's very sweet (and stern) indeed. But i wonder if he also knows about all the fanfiction based on them XD
    I guess they do have some idea about fanfiction in Japanese atleast, haha:D And i suppose it makes them feel rather awkward;P Hehe..waiting for a post about /that/ now XDD
    Thanks for your comment!!

    He does seem quite earnest with his concerns. I guess the whole anime-connection is a sort of a pressure in Japan, i don't have much idea whether that craze is limited to Japan or comes more from abroad, but i do remember Ruki and Uruha almost scoffing at the suggestion of their songs being part of some anime....though this interview was long back, around the time after their Europe tour.
    Well Ruki got over that mood pretty fast with the LUNA SEA fanboying XD I suggest fangirling to cure your speechlessness too!!
    Thanks a lot for your comment:)

  8. oh Dear,
    really, thanks a lot...
    I had a very basic idea about what Ruki wrotw, but now I can understand his words perfectly...

    I'm really sad , because he did an innecessary thing... He shouldn't be writing about such things!!!

    well, that's the way some fans turned our little vocal.

    Thanks again!!
    May I translate it into Spanish???

  9. I aaaaalways mention your blog when I get your lovely translations, dear <3
    if you want to take a look go here:

    then... I'll be taking this one as well
    and I'm glad you agree with me *-*
    thanks again <3

  10. Thank you for the translation. It means a lot since well, translation tools is a pain in the ass

  11. @doiha_lolita:
    I know, i guess even he was rather disturbed about having to say those things:( But it's nice he cleared things up:)
    Yes!! Do translate it to Spanish!! *points to the bottom of this page* :D
    Thanks a lot for the raws, dear:) And thanks for leaving this comment:)

    Yay!! Do i have permission to mention your blog here, then?

    I know, translation tools do very weird translations -_- (well we know why Ruki's English sounds so weird) :D
    Thanks for your comment!

  12. oh oh~
    I already translated it!!!


  13. Oh!
    But i can't access the site~ I guess i'll have to join the community. But i don't understand /a word/ of Spanish!!

  14. oh thank you so much for translating....
    I'm not a HERESY member either,
    so I only get to hear the rumours and winds of this blog post.
    So thank you very very very much!

    Really, Ruki must be frustrated,
    having to explain such a thing to the fans

    But no matter what, Gazefans will always be fans, right? (even though I'm not a HERESY)

  15. try now!

    it's just to show you how it looks in spanish ^-^

  16. I'm still a bit upset about it, but thanks for the translation.

  17. @Shana:
    Yeah, their 'secret' blogs do create a lot of distance between them and the fans. Nice of doiha_lolita to have posted this particular post. She's the one to thank:)
    Thanks for commenting:)

    Gee thanks :D

    Most welcome~ Thank you for commenting:)

  18. Yes, thank you Miss doiha_lolita too,
    for giving the raw post to Miss Ducky here :)

    Spread the Gazelove!

  19. Wow, I can really tell he's frustrated over the fans reactions over the latest news.

    Makes me re-think my own reaction. :/

    Thank you so much for the translation!

  20. It is kind of sad that Ruki had to post this, but he is right and he is human so it is natural for him to be frustrated with this type of thing. This is why I never believe anything that spurs out of nowhere I haven't heard in an interview, because it's probably just a lie.

    Like Reila being Ruki's ex-girlfriend I hadn't heard Ruki say anything of that.

    Thanks for posting this, I only saw snippets of it and I didn't quite understand.

    I don't care if the song is used for that one anime, but I won't become a fan of it because I have no interest in it still. lol But the song is awesome from what I previewed of it.

  21. Oh my....poor dear Ruki-sama...

  22. i was wondering if i could re-post this into my blog.. i'll credit both doiha_lolita and you :D

  23. @ice_peach:
    I guess so, yeah~

    Yeah, he did get quite flustered. And i didn't even understand what he was so worried about, in the beginning.
    Thank you for replying:)

    I haven't heard the song, but i agree, me liking or not liking is not going to change the fact that i adore quite a few songs by them. So, yeah, anime or no anime, hardly makes a difference :D
    And rumours are entertaining, at best. Even i never believed the fact that such personal information would be out on Wiki, that too English, when their very blogs are so secretive. Trolls will be trolls. Can't avoid them~
    Thank you for replying here!

    @The VerSION:
    Aww..worried chibi^^

    Oh sure, i don't mind. But this is from Ruki's personal blog,'s up to you whether you really want to post/spread this or not~~

  24. thank you so much for the translation XDDDD !!!
    it's mean so much for me, since i'm not a FC member..>w<

    aww.. ruki~ u're so honest >3< <3 <3 i love u more and more~

  25. Thank you for the translation, I translated into spanish and Ruki's words are very sincere. I can post this in Gazette Forum Latino America? Thanks again for your work.

  26. @Anonymous:
    Most welcome!
    I know, i'm not either x_x
    Thank you for replying :)

    You're most welcome:)
    Oh sure, go ahead:) But this is FC stuff, so you know what it entails, it's up to you whether you want to post/spread this or not~~
    Thank you for replying :)