Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sakai's blog - 06.02.2010.

Like yaaaaay!!!!
It's a shiny Sakai today B-)

Actually, i advanced today.
"Eh!! What??"
is what you out there would ask!!
And i'll tell only you people!!!

Sakai : "I'm now capable of using graphic smileys in my blog".

Everybody's voice : "That's it..........!!!"

Yeah, that's it. But for Sakai, its an achievement unto itself.

Little Story
I exchanged mails with Reita today.
Sakai mail
"Reita of the world!!
Weird things!!!"
2 minutes later
Reita mail
"Thank you for the weird things /graphic of biceps/"

Reita is the COOLEST in the world. Why? Because he considered even a meaningless mail from me!! DESTROY!!!

Little Story
It's just something that's come to my notice recently, but i think the coffee-lovers in the GazettE are increasing.
Coffee-Lovers' Ranking
Grand Champion--> Aoi
Second place--> Kai
Third place--> Uruha
Fourth place--> Suji (senior)
Amateur--> Reita (cola)
Amateur--> Ruki (ginger tea or water)
Referee--> Sakai (not participating owing to diet)

Aoi has been a coffee-lover since long!!
And Kai and Uruha have been a little low on vigour the past few days.

They're always having coffee during meetings.
Too much coffee will make it difficult to sleep at night!!

Sorry for writing such needless stuff ;-(

Little Story
Keeping it a secret from Uruha!!
Sakai hasn't been walking these days.
Hey but i haven't given up on the diet!!!
Morning is banana and milk!!
Afternoon is as usual.
Evening is cabbage and oil-less dressing!!
Only water after 21:00!!!!

And i've lost 4kg. 

When i told Ruki about this
Ruki : "Eh?? For you that's like going down to 150 kg for a 200 kg man!! Absolute determination from now on!! Ah but Ryo-chin gives up.."
Sakai : "NONONO!! I'll go thin!! If i don't slim down i'll buy whatever you ask for right now."
Ruki : "What i want??? It's Bottega Veneta, isn't it?? Because even i can't buy it."
Sakai : "Bottega Veneta it is!! We'll buy it!!"

Honesty to that extent is useless!!!! But 
this is a secret!! I'm lucky i said nothing about how much weight i'll be losing till when.
It's an excuse if someone says something!!!

Sakai's Little Story
I'm wearing the leather jacket i recieved recently,
but it's so warm!!! The past few days were cold so it was quite useful.
The bicycle on the leather jacket is so trendy!!!!
Thank You.

With such feelings
Bye /graphic of a round-tummy teddy/ 

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  1. i know this translation was so old. sakai-san was not even their manager anymore.. but it was so cute~
    so sakai-san was on diet that time, huh? i wonder if he still right now ^^;
    thanks for sharing this translation.. i love your blog :D