Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sakai's blog - 04.02.2010.

This is Sakai, the one who's been on a break from running (walking) for the past two days.

I took a look at Aoi's blog
"By the way, the members came home today."
It said so, although Suji and me visited his place too.
*even though it was for just 10 minutes!!

Ah!!!! Went for drinks with Uruha, Aoi and SCREW yesterday!!
How many bottles of warm sake did we uncork? How many cups did we drink?
I have no idea.

But they are all musicians!!!!!!
We hit it off quite well, and it was a while after 3 o'clock and we were still drinking when the central heating was turned off.
Hey hey!!! What if Uruha, Aoi and the SCREW members catch a cold!!

We were the ones at fault though, for sitting around despite the place closing down at 2!!!!
But we had so much fun we forgot about the time.

SCREW, thank you for having hung out with us into such early hours of the morning.


  1. wow
    i just found ur translation blog
    ^_^ thanx so much for taking the time to translate this stuff
    reading the GazettE's blog feel special :3

  2. Hello :D
    Ah, i wish the members' blogs were public, but Sakai's updates will have to suffice, i guess:)
    Just doing my tiny bit to spread Gazelove ♥

    Thanks for leaving behind a comment!