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B=PASS - July 2011 - Single Interview

n  Without delaying this any further, please tell us about “VORTEX”. One can feel the thrill of having released this song as a Single with such confidence. According to what Ruki said in last month’s edition, when all of you got talking about what you want to do post Tokyo Dome, there was a unanimous opinion on the lines of “We want to do something heavy”, isn’t it?

Ruki : Hn.

Aoi : Well, because Ruki has rules (laughs).

Reita : Hahaha! But really, there’s no doubt that nobody wanted to do anything serious.

Uruha : More than ‘post Tokyo Dome’, it was about doing what was lacking in the flow of the 3 Singles from last year. So it was about time we brought that out.

Aoi : There was absolutely no perceptual dissent there. Aren’t we so-called soulmates because of that?

Kai : Soulmates?

Uruha : Is that the name of a game? (laughs)

n  Is it about being able to communicate feelings at a spiritual level?

Aoi : Hn. Ordinarily, I think we don’t even confirm much about this or that. Or if we don’t perceive something, we might even talk about “How should the next song be?” just along everyday conversation. I feel this is how we do it.

n  Don’t you have something like a ‘daily meeting’ at all?

Aoi : Hn. We don’t even have any formal conversations when the 5 of us are together. It probably happens quite unconsciously, as in, we sense what the other wants through general remarks, or from the music flowing from the other member’s PC, we grasp “Aah, they want something like this”. But we don’t even make or ask for any explanations about all those various things.

n  So what is the actual story behind the title song “VORTEX” itself; how did it come about?

Ruki : The idea was originally mine. I made it with a rather reckless feel to it. More than based on what I was thinking, I made what I was naturally playing, right till the end. It’s been quite some time since I made an intense one.

n  As in, all that built up frustration just burst out all at once?

Ruki : That is so. I made it with nothing but that etched in my mind. Like, without suppressing any desires. As a result, by following what I envisioned from the start, I think I was able to build something was better than it.

n  It’s heavy but at the same time, it’s quite easy to comprehend. Like, there’s no need to go back and check what one heard. It’s the type of song which everybody will get right without having to check and confirm what the best interpretation might be.

Aoi : Aah, hn.

Uruha : Well you see, for each scene, even if each person doesn’t get to do what they please, they still properly keep in sight what according to them would be the solution. I think this is proof that the pre-production was done in a steady manner. Lately, there aren’t any cases where we go “This scene is such a riddle, isn’t it?”.

n  If we turn this the other way round, do you mean there used to be a lot of riddles in the past?

Uruha : Yeah, quite a lot (laughs). We used to let the riddle be a riddle and work with it. We thought that was rock.

Ruki : Those words might be a bit painful (laughs).

n  To put it differently, in your understanding, these inconsistencies, or mismatched parts, or parts with incomprehensible reasoning were what made rock interesting, is it?

Uruha : Hn. We tried to enjoy that for all we were worth. That’s how things were. But in case of this song, we dealt with it in a very straightforward way. Without going all out to destroy. There are cases where, unless there are parts settled down in neat order, the disharmony shows itself.

[[ be continued.]]

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  1. Loving this! And Gosh, Uruha.. www

    Aoi: Aren’t we so-called soulmates because of that?
    Kai : Soulmates?
    Uruha : Is that the name of a game? (laughs)

    Otsukare-chan! <3


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