Saturday, 4 December 2010

Vif - Special Feature - Ruki Interview

Ruki’s Interview for Vif

1. Completely changing over from the last 2 songs which were hard numbers, the new song “PLEDGE” is a majestic ballad after “Guren”, so please tell us about the motive behind working out a ballad this time.

Ruki : That’s because I personally feel winters are for ballads. That is why I made it.

2. What is the theme of the single “PLEDGE”?

Ruki : I wanted to write about an expression more profound than love.

3. The title “PLEDGE” means a vow or a written vow, please tell us the motive behind such a title. Also, other than “a vow or a written vow”, does this word also carry some special significance?

Ruki : I added the sense of something being deeper than a promise.

4. Which are the lyrics or the phrase which symbolizes “PLEDGE” this time?

Ruki : The first and the last words.

5. With the GazettE going to Tokyo Dome, the expectations from the fans run high just thinking about how the contents would turn out to be, so do you have anything you want to try, or any objectives in mind for Dome?

Ruki : It’ll be good if we are able to create the biggest burst among the artists who have performed at Tokyo Dome.

6. What is the reason behind having decided upon Dome at this time?

Ruki : That is because the band needs a giant, triggering explosion right now.

7. What is the Dome Live, to the GazettE?

Ruki : We wanted to try out what we would be able to present on a Stage of our dreams, at this time. That is all.

8. What is the GazettE’s next objective, after Dome is over?

Ruki : We just want to take the band to the highest position.

9. This is always asked of everybody holding a Live at the highest rated structure in Japan. What is a “good Live” to the GazettE?

Ruki : A sense of unity. How much does it resonate with the audience?

10. During the long Tour, were there any difficult times for the 5 members while travelling?

Ruki : There weren’t.

11. Please tell us what has been your favourite item of convenience during the Tour.

Ruki : iPhone.

12. What is the one thing in the world that the GazettE is proud of?

Ruki : The relationship with the fans.

Ducky's Notes:
I love his hair ♥


  1. Sweeeet~! Thank you!
    LMAO I love how the reason for PLEDGE's release is because he thinks winters are for ballads. XD

  2. My pleasure^^
    LOL ikr! He totally has it fixed in his head that winters mean ballads xD It's cute^^

  3. thank you for translation...relationship with fans..? I wonder...

  4. Ah he meant as in, the nature of their connection with the fans, I suppose xD

  5. thank you for translating~
    AWWW relationship with fans. he's so sweet. he clearly treasures his fans. <3

    .... but i wonder... IS HE IN-LOVE or something? XD

  6. My pleasure :)
    They sure do^^
    Haha xD Well there is always the possibility, isn't it^^

  7. Thanks for translating. His answers seemed rather...short and simple though compared to previous interviews. Though this wasn't a very long interview so that may be why ^^;

  8. Haha thank you so much for the translation. I wonder if there was something wrong, because his answers were quite short and...abrupt '__'

  9. @Ama:
    Most welcome^^
    I suppose the format was such~ Maybe he was required to give crisp, precise answers~ :)

    My pleasure^^
    I don't know about wrong....but seeing how worn out they looked in the comment, maybe it is just that tiredness showing in the answers? I wouldn't assume, though~ :)

  10. Thanks you for sharing....

  11. "Ruki : That’s because I personally feel winters are for ballads. " LoL
    a ballad in the winter would be even better if it has a cheerful lyrics, even though I like Pledge
    Thanks for the translation <3

  12. So true hahaha :D
    Most welcome^^

  13. Thank you for translating ^^

  14. Haha iPhone n.n
    he seriously can´t live without it x3!
    Their relationship with their fans <3
    That´s why I love the Gazemen! <3
    Umm..being in love?
    I dont think so...maybe after many songs about sadness, anger etc...he just wanted to make a love song for winter his favourite season ^^
    But who knows?

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    Thanks you very Much!

  16. The relationship with the fans. ♥ awww Ruki is kind ^^

    Thanks a lot for the translation as always !!

    i like his to-the-point-answers~ it shows a kind of confidence and clarity ..and he doesn't really lack in that :3 !

    'We wanted to try out what we would be able to present on a Stage of our dreams' I really liked this sentence gave me an image of them sharing their most glorious dreams as musicians to the world's like they'll be painting their dreams on a canvas right before out very eyes *__* Tokyo Dome! Tokyo Dome! can't wait for 26th even if I won't be there ~
    'It’ll be good if we are able to create the biggest burst among the artists who have performed at Tokyo Dome.' Yay!!

  17. Hi! Firstly I'd like to thankyou so much for this *A*
    I was wondering if it's okay if I could translate this to Spanish and post it on my website to share with other fans that only speak Spanish?

    If not that's okay XDDU but i-it would be great if you didn't mind, I'll credit back to you of course